When out on a stroll in the mall, in the park, or practically every kid-friendly tourist attraction, children may struggle with moving around places as the family stops from one destination to another. To keep any tantrums from ever happening, consider purchasing or renting a junior golf cart and give little ones a fun, interactive way to get around. Apart from alleviating the back-aching effort of carrying them around, golf for kids provide a convenient way to entertain kids without relying on the attention-span shortening tendencies of modern mobile devices. In addition, the only worry parents or guardians will think about is having their kids wandering or straying off too far from the familial flock. For those considering the practical applications of junior golf carts beyond the golf course, here are the top 5 choices for kiddie mobility.

Dexton Big Driver

This manufacturer primarily is focused on children’s golf carts and it comes in two variants. First of which, is the Dexton Big Driver; as the name, the Big Driver is meant for big and tall toddlers 3-7 years of age. It has forward and reverse gears controlled by a single lever and is powered by a 12-volt battery with a driving duration of 2-4 hours. The big driver can run from 2.5 mph and a maximum speed of 5.0 mph forward while the reverse gear runs at the cart’s minimum speed. It has a seating capacity of two children in one ride with a maximum weight of 90 pounds. The Big Driver comes with drink holders and is made of durable plastic with a high gloss finish and chrome handlebars.

Dexton Li’l Rider

The second Dexton entry is the Li’l Driver, a miniature version of the Big Driver that has the same features, amenities, finish, driving time, and some of its signature capabilities. Unlike its Big contemporary, though, the Li’l Driver is powered by a 6-volt battery and has a single speed of 2.5 mph and a loading capacity of 60 pounds which means that it could only accommodate a single child per ride.  

Hammacher Schlemmer Children’s Electric Golf Cart

This is a miniaturized version of the brand’s actual golfing cart but limitations and safety features for children. Like other kids motorized golf carts, It moves via an accelerator pedal when pressed and movement speed is controlled depending on the pressure applied with the entire cart coming to a full start once the foot is lifted from the pedal. The cart is powered by a 6-volt battery with a speed of 2.5 mph and can accommodate 1 child for a ride of 60 minutes at full charge. To complete the whole golfing motif, the cart is also fitted with a kiddie golf set that includes golfing bag, plastic clubs, tee, and golf balls inside a rubber-coated basket.

Kid Motorz 6-Volt Junior Pro Golf Cart

Similar to Hammacher Schlemmer’s product, this battery-operated golf cart also works and moves like an actual golf cart with a limited speed of 2.5 mph. It also runs using a 6-volt battery and can play sound effects that enhance the riding experience for kids. It also comes with a mini golf set that includes golf balls, clubs, tee, and golf bag.    

Little Tikes

From a company known for ride-on toys that resemble actual vehicles comes their own version of the golf cart. Their junior golf cart resembles the standard cart for adults but, of course, with limited acceleration capacity of 2.5 mph and a 6-volt power source. including a kiddie golf set of a bag, clubs, water bottle, and storage basket.