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The eco-friendly Lithium-ion batteries made electric golf carts become more popular nowadays. Electric golf carts are now the majority in the global golf cart market with a market share of over 71%.

But this doesn’t mean that the rest of the percentage is left behind. Gas powered golf carts are still available nowadays because they have the power that electric golf carts have yet to reach.

However, just like their electrical counterparts, gas golf carts will still have a list of bad features that you should consider.

If you’re interested in driving a gas golf cart that frees you from speed and power limitations, remember to check for key features that matches your needs.

The Qualities of Gas Powered Golf Carts

What makes gas powered golf carts for sale still sellable to golf cart drivers? Take a look at the following qualities which includes the good and the bad about these units.

The good:

  • Allows long-distance driving

Electric golf carts can get about 30 to 40 miles and two hours of pedal time with a single charge. A gas golf cart can keep on running throughout the day as long as it’s fueled.

  • Powerful

Gas powered golf carts may look lightweight on the outside. But, they can go through a lot of heavy towing and overcoming steep inclines.

The bad:

  • Can be costly

The cost of having a gas golf cart will depend on gasoline prices and fuel efficiency of the cart. You can spend an estimated average of 10 cents to 15 cents per mile with cheap gas golf carts.

Electric golf carts remain more affordable when compared to gas golf carts with an average of 2 cents per mile.

  • Not the best for the environment

Gas powered golf carts emit carbon unlike the emission-free electric carts. If you’re concerned about the environment and climate change, a gas golf cart may not be for you.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Gas Golf Cart

If you’re now sure about getting a gas golf cart, it’s time to get even more serious in the process of finding the best gas golf cart for you.

Ask yourself or your dealer the following questions to know what gas golf cart is best for you:

  • How many people can fit in?

Regular cheap gas golf carts for sale offer a 2-seater. But when you’re planning to use one for taking short family trips within the community, you’ll probably need more than two seats.

Knowing how many people a gas golf cart will bring also lets you determine the right dimensions, power, and quality you’ll need to find. Cheap gas golf carts that are light with a small horsepower may not be suitable for larger groups.

  • How long can it travel?

Each model has different engines that allow you to travel in different speeds.

A Yamaha gas golf cart has a single-cylinder engine with 11 horsepower that gives a speed of up to 15 miles per hour. There are other engines available which can give you 16 to 19 miles per hour.

  • How much gasoline can it hold?

Different brands offer different tank sizes, which can be worth knowing before buying one.

For example, the famous Yamaha gas golf cart can hold up to 6.6 gallons while the gas-powered Club Car I2L has a 6.7-gallon tank.

  • How much are the available golf cart parts?

Just like when owning a regular gas car, it’s best to consider the availability of a brand’s gas golf cart parts. Also look how much they can cost you just in case you’ll need to replace some.

It can be best to go for the popular brands with accessible parts so you won’t have a hard time looking for affordable parts.

  • What type of surfaces can it go through?

The tire design and engine power’s effectiveness can depend on the type of surface you’ll drive around.

Cheap gas golf carts for sale can be fine for flat surfaces. But, if you’re going through hilly areas with uneven surfaces, you may have to spend more on something powerful.

  • Is it durable and sealed?

It’s best to go for high-quality gas golf carts that will take years before you’ll need a replacement. Make sure all parts are sealed well to avoid corrosion from water exposure.

What to Do When Buying Used Gas Powered Golf Carts for Sale

If you’re considering buying a used gas golf cart to save a few bucks, there’s more to do than just asking the questions mentioned above.

Here are some extra things you can do before buying:

  • Check the engine

Make sure the engine is clean. It must be free of oil and burn marks. Stay away from obviously dirty engines because they have been probably heavily used.

The fuel lines and air filters must be clean too. The belts must be flat as loose and u-shaped ones need to be replaced before use.

  • Check the wiring

If there are accessories attached, check the wiring. Poorly tied accessory wires can bring more problems to your unit in the future.

  • Do a Test Drive

It’s important not to forget test driving your pick, whether you’re buying new or used gas powered golf carts. Trying out the vehicle gives you an idea on how noisy or quiet the engine will be, if the steering wheel is tough to operate, and so on.

For used units, be sure to listen and look carefully. Are there any squeaking sounds during the drive? Does it go over the required average speed? Checking on the sounds and looks of every part will let you know what needs to be modified.

Be a Sharp Buyer

With the long list of cheap gas powered golf carts for sale, it can be a bit time consuming to check each of them.

But as long as you know your ideal price range and the features you want your vehicle to have, you gas golf cart shopping will be way easier. Add here the must-do tips mentioned in this article and you’ll get to the best choice right away.

Don’t forget to only buy from a certified dealer you can trust.


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