How Safe is It to Use Golf Carts on Streets?

One of the main concerns before buying a golf cart is safety. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated 18,000 golf cart-related injuries in 2015. People are now worried if these cases will increase as golf carts are becoming more popular. Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety thinks that the states [...]

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Prominent Brands in the Golf Cart Industry

Like any other major purchase, you shouldn’t rush into buying a new golf cart. It’s important to research, ask sellers the right questions, and always work within your budget. But what are the other important points to keep in mind while considering the different golf cart brands? This buying guide will discuss some of these [...]

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Safety Features in Golf Carts

Don’t let the slow speed and small size of golf carts and low speed vehicles (LSVs) fool you. Golf cart accidents are an unfortunate reality, with the Consumer Product Safety Commission reporting more than 10,000 injuries that needed emergency room treatment. In 2006 alone, there were 13,411 golf related injuries, according to the American Journal [...]

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Things You Should Look For Before Buying an Electric Golf Cart

Electric golf carts are on the rise. They represent low-end disruptions in developed markets while representing new-market disruptions in emerging markets. In fact, they beat the non-disruptive Tesla in the market today. The United States held the top position in 2016 in the global golf cart market. The electric golf carts segment held the top [...]

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Top 5 Low Speed Golf Carts

The automotive industry is refining vehicle models to carry less weight, have zero emission, and consume electricity. Low speed vehicles (LSVs) were among the first to adopt these changes, as seen in the golf cars, utility vehicles, and personnel carriers of major manufacturers. Companies such as Star EV and EZGO offer electric low speed vehicles [...]

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Top 5 Environment Friendly Golf Carts

Even while playing a relaxing activity such as golf, one needs to consider the sport’s impact on the environment. Eco-friendly golf carts are electric golf carts that use renewable energy. The use of electricity makes it a sustainable vehicle that isn’t non-polluting. They also require less upkeep compared to gas golf carts as they use [...]

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Top 5 Golf Cars for Off Roading

Golf carts are usually designed to drive on the well-landscaped and smooth surfaces on a course. Its wheels were not designed to withstand natural obstacles or even go through ditches. Plus the seating is too close to the ground for it to function well off the road. The more adventurous driver is probably looking for [...]

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What are the Add-ons and Accessories for Golf Carts?

The global golf market is expected to expand in the following years. As it expands, various modern golf carts made by advanced technology are available in the market to provide consumers the convenience and comfort they’ve always wanted. Customized golf carts are also a hit nowadays. Manufacturers are offering customization services and continue to release [...]

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