Like any other major purchase, you shouldn’t rush into buying a new golf cart. It’s important to research, ask sellers the right questions, and always work within your budget. But what are the other important points to keep in mind while considering the different golf cart brands? This buying guide will discuss some of these crucial considerations and what the most prominent golf cart brands have to offer.

There are four main points to remember while weighing your options: warranty, price, customization, and history. Before anything else, you want a new product that comes with a warranty to ensure maintenance and protect you from a defective product. The main advantage of buying a new golf cart is a warranty’s protection, so make sure your purchase comes with one. In terms of price, what you’ll spend depends on your budget. You’ll also have to compare price points across different vendors to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Don’t forget to check where to buy cheap golf carts, as spending less is always better than spending extra.

Since you’re buying a new golf cart, you might as well take advantage of the brand’s customization features. Check if the store lets you choose the type of accessories and other special features that are unique to the golf cart brand and model. Be sure to check reviews as well of the model and the brand itself. Your safety should always come first and you need to make sure that golf cart doesn’t add more risk.

The Best Golf Cart Brands

  1. EZGO

EZGo Freedom RXV

EZGO is among the top brands known for producing quality golf cars. The company had humble beginnings back in 1954, founded by two brothers who dreamed of building a better golf car. FIfty years later, the company rose as a leading global manufacturer of golf cars, personal transportation vehicles, and utility vehicles. It was recognized in 2009 with the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence and named among Industry Week magazine’s top 10 manufacturing plants of North America. The company continues to be part of Textron Inc., the global multi-industry company responsible for designing and manufacturing EZGO’s vehicles.

EZGO distinguishes itself in golf car and utility vehicles through technologies that move the industry forward. The company’s very own AC drive in the EZGO RXV golf-car platform is known for its exceptional hill-climbing power and energy efficiency. Safety is also guaranteed in its automatically engaged parking brake. These examples show that EZGO is not just about delivering the bare minimum but adding more value to the golf cart and utility vehicle experience.

The EZGO’s range of vehicles includes powerful 4- to 6-seater golf carts, commercial utility trucks and vehicles with generous storage. Whether you’re a beginning golf player or an aspiring pro with bigger needs, EZGO has a wide range of models that will take the extra mile.

  1. American Custom Golf Cars (ACG)

acg tsport

American Custom Golf Cars or ACG for short stands out among the regular golf cart brands. Their origins began in late 80s supplying innovative body modification kits to the automotive specialty market. Ray Hoogenraad purchased the company and expanded it five years after 1988 to become a worldwide leader in component car manufacturing. Since then, ACG’s prominence is recognized in the cars they produced for movies and videos such as the first two Batman movies, Army of One, and The Rock.

ACG introduced the Cadillac Escalade Golf/Estate vehicles. These vehicles, along with ACG’s Hummer H3 and 39 roadster models have full tubular independent front suspension systems that come with fully adjustable coil-over shocks. The result is a smooth and comfortable ride for all ACG drivers and riders. Another major feature is the combination of both classic and modern designs. Those who want a very sporty approach to their vehicle will enjoy how the T-Sport line appears. These models also have custom features CG is known for, like an LED signalling system in the T-Sport LX. For those who want more power and features unique to a company such as ACG, this golf cart brand is the best bet.


  1. STAR EV

Star magellan

Star EV appears younger compared to other golf cart brands, but its product line led to its emergence as a major player in the industry. Founded in 2003 as global outsourcing and distribution company JH Global Services Inc., Star EV shifted its focus to the golf car and electric vehicle segment. Star EV has been recognized by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and INC Magazine. Its product line has reached up to more than 50 models that are used in industries such as the military, government, universities, and commercial businesses.

Star EV’s golf product range includes utility vehicles, residential golf cars, and campground vehicles. Each residential golf car is classically designed and is powered by AC motors to stand the test of time. Their electric models are just as long-lasting, with the Magellan 2-AC able to last through a 60 mile long ride on a full charge. True to the company’s mission, Star EV’s product line assures innovative technologies and safety on any kind of ride.


  1. Polaris GEM

Polaris Industries was founded in 1954 as a mechanical shop. Decades later, Polaris levelled up to become a leader in the powersports industry with its innovative and high quality designs of on and off road vehicles. GEM is is Polaris’ leading brand for low speed vehicles (LSVs) that can be driven in 48 states in the US. Each Polaris GEM LSV is more than just a golf cart. The models stand out for their better efficiency and manoeuvrability. The lower carbon footprint is another huge plus, as owners need not worry about adding further harm to the environment.

Safety is also a top priority for Polaris GEM. The models include three street-legal safety features that are not included in normal golf carts, such as headlights, turn signals, and safety belts. Whether you’re driving on the green or running some errands nearby, you’re well taken care of in a GEM vehicle. Topping off GEM’s top notch design is the chance to customize your order. You don’t have to limit yourself to the available model offers. Plus, every model whether customized or not, comes with a warranty.


  1. Club Car

With almost 60 years of experience in the industry, there’s no denying the leadership Club Car has achieved in its field. Club Car began with golf cars before expanding its lineup to commercial utility vehicles and personal transportation. In its journey towards expansion, Ingersoll Rand acquired the company in 1995 to continue its production of superiorly designed and top performing vehicles. Safety is also Club Car’s priority with EHS Today recognizing them among America’s Safest Companies.

Club Car’s golf car models are designed to guarantee the owner’s full investment. The Precedent line features a canopy and rustproof chassis to protect you even on the rainiest days. Each street legal low speed vehicle comes with 48 V battery packs and 400-amp solid state controllers that let them run for long periods in large areas like resorts and colleges. Whatever your preference, there’s no denying the innovations and constant improvements Club Car has been making with every model.


  1. Yamaha

Yamaha is a brand associated not just for its 60 years of experience with golf carts, but also for its expertise in manufacturing other motor products. It’s considered among the top golf cart brands in the industry and with good reason. Apart from smaller, personal golf carts, Yamaha’s offers include roomier vehicles such as the Concierge 4 and utility vehicles with large storage like the Fairway Lounge. The Concierge 4 and its larger upgrade, the Concierge 6 are best for driving individuals around spacious areas. The Fairway Lounge boasts of a cooler for all your food and even a coffee machine. For its golf car product, the Drive 2 promises to combine reliability and luxury with improvements on its dashboard such as extra room and a charging station.

If you’re after reliability and experience, Yamaha is among the best choices in the market. The 2,000 golf courses that switched to their vehicles can attest to the brand’s consistency.

When it comes to buying golf carts for sale, there are many options in the market. But knowing what features are important to you and the specifics of each brand will help narrow down your choices. As you start looking into golf carts online, see what makes the models and their brand’s distinct design stand out. From there, you’ll be able to see which golf cart brand is able to address all your needs and specific wants.