New Jersey is one of the major cities that are increasingly injecting golf carts into their major transport networks. Contrary to the notion that economic and sustainable transportation solutions all revolve around one automobile company, the most overlooked, underrated fact is that the humble golf cart is a viable mobility solution beyond city or community driving. Thanks to the towering pollution levels in, pretty much, every nook and cranny all over the world, opting for the sustainable, eco-friendly qualities of the golf cart is already becoming a logical decision. Transcending from their deliberately dull designs, the growth of the golf cart market continues to take place and has now opened its doors to the camping and trucking industries. While the most irritated of skeptics may dismiss that they are all golf carts and have generally the same make and model; however, certain specifications have been designed to cater to the purpose of each endeavor.

Online searches for utility golf carts in New Jersey or Campground Golf Carts in New Jersey would result mainly a list of online shops on where to buy them. Now because of this obvious lack of relevant information, here is a comparison between the two emerging golf cart variants.

The Camp Ground Golf Cart

campground golf car

Campgrounds are exclusively unique in such a way that each site has a different but rough path. This could come in the form of verdant terrains, rocky mountainsides, or desert dunes and the only similarities the great outdoors share is the fact that their grounds have need of distinct specifications to make travel a whole lot easier. To accommodate the specialized mobility needs of outdoor junkies, golf carts are highly customized to give a convenient riding experience.

In conventional automobiles, comfort and fuel economy takes over off-road capability, but golf carts of this variant are designed with a sturdy build, comfort of a luxury sedan, the utility of a jeep, as well as the maneuverability of an all-terrain vehicle. Be it in a family-friendly camper style or the rough, rugged look, these golf carts are designed with robust frames, forceful ground clearance, high-performance motors.

Nothing compares to leveling down muddy banks, roaming around the woods, or trekking through the desert in a quiet but powerful golf cart. No motor noise to get annoyed about, no motor fumes to disrupt nature’s tranquility, and no disturbance whatsoever to the local wildlife.With modern advancements in electric motors and battery power technology, everyone has more than enough reason to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Utility Golf Cart

utility golf cars

Depending on the purpose or intended use, utility grade golf carts all sport the versatility of a field tractor, the flexibility of a 4×4, and the utility of a truck. From simple hauling and cargo shipping tasks, utility golf carts have now become recognized as plausible vehicles for other utility work such as lawn mowing, snow plowing, waste collection and management, as well as farming and agriculture. Likewise, these golf carts have also earned their keep in search and rescue operations like firefighting, law enforcement patrol, as well as parks and recreation security management.

Conventional utility equipment such as tractors and pick up trucks prove to be far more superior, performance-wise, but there are certain areas a utility golf cart would succeed where their established predecessors would be challenged. One, tractors have the flexibility to perform different functions, but their huge size and the sluggish pace becomes a liability. Pick up trucks, meanwhile, have the combination of power and speed to get things done but their incapability in tight spaces poses a challenge. All-terrain vehicles, on the other hand, while sporting maneuverability has limited carriage capabilities that may be required in various utility jobs.

Beyond their unmatched capability for various applications, utility golf carts golf carts also share the comfort of a luxury sedan. Since most of them run on electric motors, these vehicles also boast of increased responsiveness, zero emissions, and low-cost maintenance.