two-seat golf carts

Apart from renewed interest from avid golfers, a budding number of people find golf carts to be indispensable. From senior citizens who live in gated communities to working-class folks seeking for convenience and economy while moving around their neighborhoods, people find the economic applications of purchasing golf cars for personal use. It should not come as a surprise that golf carts are popular vehicles to get around in, dealerships for four-seater golf carts in New Jersey are starting to increase in number while keywords for four-passenger golf cart four-person golf carts have surged in different search engines.  For the benefit and convenience of those looking for four-seater golf carts for sale, here is a quick run down of the top choices for golf carts. Bear in mind that the list is subject to interpretation and may depend on people’s preferences and budget.

Harley Davidson

The iconic motor cycle brand is no longer in the business of manufacturing so, technically, they should not be on this list. However, back in the day when they did, the designs were both outlandish and fantastic. Producing three- and four-wheeled golf carts that run both on gas and on batteries, the Harley Davidson designs have become an instant favorite and are now major eye-catchers for avid collectors.

Club Car

Any golf car conversation would be impossible without mentioning the club car. While having the prestige of being the most prominent golf cart in the market, it also shares its hometown with the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Having established a reputation for high quality and performance, the Club Car Villager 2+2 together with the rest of its 40 plus base models remain a favorite among golf course owners and personal cart owners alike. With both gasoline and battery-powered models, the club car may appeal to golfing enthusiasts and motorists who prefer more economic ways of mobility.


The manufacturers of this golf cart were bought out by tech conglomerate Textron six years following their establishment in 1954. Since then, E-Z-Go golf carts have been at the forefront of innovation and premiere engineering, making them popular for convenient maintenance and accessible parts. Their hybrid golf cart engine is one of the most popular choices among golfers and private owners alike.


American Custom Golf cars began its humble, yet, rich history in the late 80s. Not long after that, they began to design cars for cinematic purposes, which, sparked the idea for highly stylized golf carts that resemble actual automobiles. Being the perfect mix of style and performance, their California roadster thrills riders with a 25 mph top speed while keeping them safe with the hydraulic disk breaks installed in its wheels.


Back in 2013, Mercedes teased the potential look of the golf cart in the near future. Now that the near future has arrived they finally unveiled a golf cart that just boasts of luxury while exhaling a sports car fetish. Their partnership with Denmark Based company, Garia has produced a magnificent thing of beauty fitted with lavish features such as gadget accessibility and a pristine finish to its exteriors.