Today, most golf enthusiasts are purchasing their new golf carts from online stores around the world. Sometimes, it is difficult to find great deals at a cheap price. Most people are entering “golf carts for sale near me” on their browser and hoping to find luck with the search. However, finding what suits your needs is a little bit tough due to some factors like a wide array of options, competitive prices, and availability in your area. Also, it is a bit hard to decide which golf cart to choose, a new golf carts for sale in an online store or golf cart for sale by owner. Aside from choosing from new and used one, which type of golf cart to buy is hard. To give you a glimpse of what golf carts are available in the market, listed below are the different types of it.

Different types of golf carts and their advantages:

  1. Electric Golf Cart

This type of golf cart hits the market like pancakes and sells swiftly even it is a little bit expensive than the traditional gas-power golf cart. Search engines have bombarded by people with “electric golf carts for sale near me.” Since the beginning of its launching, many people are lined up to buy a unit. This vehicle is not only suitable on the golf course but also for private use and people with disabilities. It is also one of the most loved vehicle in the neighborhood since it doesn’t produce noise and air pollution. However, this type cannot sustain hilly terrains with its default setting, but you can always customize the vehicle.


  • Environment-friendly
  • Quite
  • Clean
  • Less bio print
  • Low maintenance
  • Cheaper operation
  • Battery can last up to 6 years
  • Customizable


  • Not suitable for hilly terrain
  • Less torque
  • Not recommended for downhill
    2. Gas Power Golf Cart

This type of golf cart is known for its power and widely available. Since it pioneered the golf cart automotive, this type is very popular, but its popularity was diverted to electric golf carts. Although gas is more expensive, people who want power and speed settle on this type of golf cart.


  • Full power
  • More torque
  • Great for speed
  • Suitable for uphill and downhill


  • Expensive operation
  • High maintenance
  • Adds to noise pollution
  • Adds to air pollution
  • Stinky and messy

    3. Solar Golf Carts

Recently, the market has launched solar golf carts which is the cheapest when it comes to operation since you will not need to purchase gas or electricity. However, you cannot find solar golf carts around as they are not yet widely available for purchase. You can see some new golf carts for sale by owner and get a nice deal with solar golf carts.


  • Pro-environment
  • No noise
  • No air pollution
  • No expenses on operation
  • Sustenance for a long drive
  • Lesser to zero bio print


  • Fewer availability
  • Fewer mechanical support

These three types of golf carts will help you determine which one suits your needs. Check their advantages and disadvantages and see what will work well for you. Also, do not forget about the after sales services in case you need repair on your golf cart. Make sure to be knowledgeable about the vehicle you are purchasing. There are lots of new golf carts for sale in New Jersey, and you can find the best deals online. You can even find golf buggy for sale and lifted golf carts for sale on your further searches. Find out the best deals and buy the golf cart that best suits your needs and our character. Once you find your best choice, you will never go wrong with it.