Golf carts are slowly making names for themselves, and it’s not just because of the sport. With its numerous functions, from an easier alternative to getting around the neighborhood to being able to drive through narrower roads, golf carts have proven to be a necessity for people who live in communities with this lifestyle. Getting yourself a secondhand golf cart is still a bargain especially if you can check the correct parts of the vehicle before buying it. Below are the best ways you can buy a used golf cart while feeling secure that you made the right purchase.

Gas vs. Electric Golf Carts

Before even scouting for used golf carts for sale, know which to consider: gas or electric golf carts.

  • Gas golf carts are, as the name suggests, powered by gas, much like our regular cars.
  • They are better for use on heavy duty trips, as they are more powerful than electric golf cars.
  • Electric golf carts, on the other hand, are charged with batteries. While this seems to be more cost-efficient and low maintenance, they do have to be charged almost daily and they’re made for lighter travel.

You have to make sure that the engines or batteries on the used golf carts are in pretty good condition—you wouldn’t want to take them to the repair shop so early after your purchase. Ask the right questions by requesting for the hour meter or amp-hour meter of the vehicle.

The Parts of the Golf Cart

It goes without saying that the used golf cart you’re looking at buying is still in pretty good shape on the outside as much as on the inside as well.

  • Body – The body of the used golf cart you’ve got your eyes on should not have any visible, impossible-to-clean dirt or markings. There should also be little to no
  • Seats – Check any signs of dents, discoloration, stains, or other irreversible damages on the seats of the used golf cart and make sure that everything looks good.
  • Tires – These should not be too worn out to the point that you’ll be having to air them frequently or replace them soon. There should be enough air pressure on all four tires, and there shouldn’t be any gashes or visible damages.
  • Battery – As discussed above, your dealer should be able to provide you with the necessary information about your golf cart battery’s age, model number, and so on.
  • Other accessories – Were all the other parts of this golf cart installed properly, are in good shape, and still functioning well? Check for any signs of scratches, loose screws, and other things you might be able to spot.

Important Things to Know

It’s also important for you and the seller of the used golf cart some discussions about the used golf cart.

  1. Who is the manufacturer of this golf cart?
  2. How old is this golf cart?
  3. Has this been refurbished?
  4. How frequent has this golf cart been repaired?
  5. When was the last time this has been checked for maintenance?
  6. Where does this golf cart get serviced?
  7. Which part of the golf cart needs immediate replacing?
  8. What are the add-ons placed on this golf cart?
  9. How much is this being sold for?

Tip: Used golf carts start at around $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 in the market. There will be higher price ranges for used golf carts that have more features, newer batteries, are later models, and such. Always check other dealers’ prices to compare.

Test Driving the Used Golf Cart

At this point, after everything seems okay with you, it’s time to test out the vehicle. Here’s a rubric to consider when on your first ride.

  • The smoothness of the ride – Are the tires even? Do you feel like the car is stable and steady when you’re on flat terrain?
  • The noise of the engine, if any – Is the engine too noisy, or do you think it produces just the right amount of noise?
  • The comfort level of the seats – Did you feel any strain or discomfort while test driving the golf cart?
  • Responsiveness of the golf cart – When you start the engine or turn on the lights, are there delays or does it perform as a normal golf cart would?
  • Reliable brakes – When you step on the brakes, does the golf cart react quickly? This is crucial and will ensure a safe ride for you.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to test the golf cart for a while, say 15-20 minutes. This will give you a better feel of the vehicle if you want to act on the deal of the used golf cart for sale.

If your used golf cart has been well-maintained, there won’t be much of a need to go to service centers immediately. You can potentially personalize your golf cart after your purchase if you’re looking to change up its look, or just leave it as is until your next visit. You don’t need to rush when buying used golf carts, so make sure that you do sift through your options carefully. Remember: Patience is key!