Utility golf cars and low speed vehicles (LSV) are currently becoming a more viable transportation option over regular vehicles especially when it comes to driving within master-planned gated communities and small cities. Its ease of use, reliability, and fuel and cost efficiency are just a few of the reasons why more people are opting to use it to transport people and goods everywhere.

Hundreds of utility golf carts are available just about everywhere, and although options are never a bad thing, it can also make it difficult to decide on one. So the question is, how do you determine which golf car or low speed vehicle is the right one for you?

We know that choosing the right utility golf cart for you might be a bit overwhelming especially with the number of choices in your fingertips. So just take a look at these considerations, deliberate and weigh your needs and options, and choose the best one that fits your needs. If you need more help, then we here at Golf Cars Unlimited will be more than happy to assist you.



The Star utility vehicles are equipped with powerful engines that allow them to transport cargo loads of mammoth capacities while also providing substantial towing capabilities.

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The Gem utility vehicles are multiple purpose driven features and there are specific utility vehicles such as patrol vehicles, ambulances, shuttles buses and even refreshment carts available with us, catering to the specific needs of different sectors.

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Ez-Go utility cars are custom designed with a sturdier build as well as powerful motor and suspension systems and off-road capabilities, along with special accessories that aid in the service provided.

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ACG utility cars are custom designed with a sturdier build as well as powerful motor and suspension systems and off-road capabilities, along with special accessories that aid in the service provided.

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Here at Golf Cars Unlimited, we offer you a number of options that will fit your every need, but we would also like to help you make the right choice. And to do that, here are a few important points you should consider in getting a utility golf car.

  1. Appearance and design. No one can discount aesthetic or the “wow” factor, and the same can be said for golf carts. This is especially true for golf clubs, resorts, and other hospitality businesses, as golf carts or transportation options are a way to attract customers and clients. So the golf cars’ modern and stylish feel and comfort plays a big role. On the other hand, appearance is an entirely personal decision for privately owned low speed vehicles. These days, golf cars and low speed vehicles come in a wide range of styles and designs – from vintage to modern golf cars – that everyone is bound to find one that appeals to their taste.
  2. Features and functionality. Just like when buying a vehicle, another main consideration for buying a golf cart is its features and functionality. Consider the reasons why you are actually getting one – do you plan to use it for short errands to the city or when out golfing with your friends? How many seats do you need? And will a bed space capacity be useful for you? Another thing to consider when buying a low speed vehicle is the distance range you plan to use it for – as this will determine the battery capacity and even electric motor you will need, or even if a gas engine would be the best one for you.
  3. Dependability and comfort. Low speed vehicles should also be comfortable for the driver and passengers, just like regular vehicles. Aside from comfortable seats, also consider if the golf cart you are considering can handle the terrain you will be driving it in. You can consider rugged all-terrain models that feature a good suspension if you intend to use it in off-road driving. On the other hand, most utility golf car models would do well in city driving. At the same time, the model you should opt for should be reliable and can be safely driven in all weather conditions.
  4. Safety and durability. Another consideration in choosing the right utility golf car for you is its safety features and durability. A majority of golf carts and low speed vehicles these days are made with top quality steel that can withstand most weather conditions – so the question of durability would not be much of a problem. Aside from this, most low speed vehicles also feature a number of safety features – so you can be rest assured that you and your passengers would be safe whenever you use them. Such safety features include: three-point seatbelts, hydraulic brakes, temperature resistant motor, and easy to maneuver steering system.
  5. Cost. Of course, as with the purchase of any vehicle, cost is a big consideration. Utility golf cars come in a wide range of prices – which will mostly depend on the kind of engine it has, and built-in features and accessories.