The automotive industry is refining vehicle models to carry less weight, have zero emission, and consume electricity. Low speed vehicles (LSVs) were among the first to adopt these changes, as seen in the golf cars, utility vehicles, and personnel carriers of major manufacturers. Companies such as Star EV and EZGO offer electric low speed vehicles that can cover short distances under a lower power output. The electric models not only help the environment but also save owners over $1,000 annually compared to gas. LSV golf carts are both an investment and a way to give back to the earth.

Unlike low speed golf carts, low speed vehicles can be taken around communities and even on streets that allow them. They’re useful for families that want to get around without the hassles of using a car, such as looking for parking space and spending so much gas. If you’re looking into LSV vehicles, here are some of the best options in the local market.

Star EV Classic 48-4+2 SS Limited

The Classic 48-4+2 SS Limited is Star EV’s family friendly model. It can fit up to six passengers and takes everyone around safely through 10” aluminium wheels, a 5.5 HP DC motor, and eight 6 V (48 V) batteries. Safety is guaranteed with features such as rear view mirrors on both sides, retractable seat belts, and functional front and rear bumpers. The LSV model can go up to 25 mph. If you want to add more to the model, the Classic 48 SS Limited comes with a 20 A, 48 V to 12 V voltage reducer, letting you attach other electric appliances like a stereo without depleting the main battery source.

Other handy and luxurious features are four front cup holders, a flip seat with an aluminum plate, and extended roof covers for the back flip seat. For parents that are looking at LSV vehicles perfect for the whole family, Star EV’s Classic 48 is the perfect match. All four passengers face the same way, plus there’s room for more in case your relatives come along.

E-Z-GO Freedom RXV

For those who want a low speed vehicle model fit for the green and the road, E-Z-GO’s Freedom RXV is your best bet. This custom utility vehicle is designed to give everyone enough space and comfort between putting or while running errands. Some of the accessories offered in this model are deep cup holders, contoured seats, and even ball and tee holders to make the game extra convenient. Its two passenger capacity is also perfect for young couples who want to enjoy the serenity of their new community.

Owners won’t have a problem taking it out at night thanks to a complete set of headlights, taillights and brake lights. The electric model comes with a 48 V AC drivetrain and independent front suspension for a safe and smooth ride. Power is easy track thanks to a state of charge meter and storage is convenient with an amply sized rear basket. The Freedom RXV definitely makes life as luxurious as it should be.

GEM em 1400

Other individuals interested in low speed vehicles may want a utility vehicle able to carry heavy cargo around their property, The GEM eM 1400 could be what you’re looking for, with its 1,250 lbs towing capability and powerful 7 HP AC motor. Its electric design lets farmers and factory workers alike enjoy a smooth and silent ride before they place their haul on a steel flatbed. You’ll be sure to cover a lot of ground as the GEM em 1400’s range goes up to 45 miles. In terms of sustainability, the GEM em 1400 comes with an on board charger that can be plugged into a 110 V outlet. For those who want a vehicle as powerful as their work, the GEM em 1400 can keep up with such a load.

ACG 39 Roadster

Not all low speed electric vehicles have to look like modified golf carts. The ACG 39 Roadster is a custom electric vehicle that sports a stylish, vintage look inspired from 1939. The model also goes beyond style and blends in function seamlessly with its color-matched dash, chrome mirrors, alloy wheels, and a leatherette steering wheel. Every ride is also sure to last thanks to its Traction battery-powered 48 V system. Output is beyond the usual at 17.5 peak horsepower thanks to its AC motor. All safety features are included, of course, from headlights to turn signals and a horn. It’s also the only golf cart to include a standard 4-wheel braking system that lets drivers use the front wheel hydraulic disk brakes. For those that want style and function to their LSV vehicles, the ACG 39 Roadster is the perfect match.

Tomberlin Emerge E4 LE

The Tomberlin Emerge E4 LE is perfect for the family that wants space, power, and functionality. This four passenger LSV can be expanded to have a two passenger rear-facing seat. Speed goes up to 25 mph and safety is assured care of its three-point safety seat belts. A windshield wiper makes the drive clearer and night time journeys are a breeze thanks to its high and low beam headlights, LED tail lights, plus a rear high-mount stop lamp. The model also includes 4-way turn signals that come with emergency flashers and a horn.

Rides are also made more comfortable care of other features such as four cup holders and dual locking glove boxes. A rear locking storage trunk can easily be removed for golf bag storage and returned for carrying the groceries. Tomberlin’s Emerge E4 LE is a good catch for families that want functionality tied effortlessly with comfort.