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Golf carts are usually designed to drive on the well-landscaped and smooth surfaces on a course. Its wheels were not designed to withstand natural obstacles or even go through ditches. Plus the seating is too close to the ground for it to function well off the road. The more adventurous driver is probably looking for the alternative in an off road golf cart. In this case, the cart itself is customized so it can withstand what rough surfaces and pathways have to offer. The tires are bigger and have features that let it withstand the toughest terrains. The seat area is lifted high enough to protect the driver and passengers, while still giving a full view of the environment around them.

Off road golf carts are perfect for those who play golf regularly but also need a handy vehicle for short trips camping or to other nearby outdoor areas. While some brands offer off road golf carts in their line, these vehicles are usually customized to suit the needs of the consumer. Here are some of the custom off road golf carts your adventurous spirit can consider. Some are models you can customize, while others are designed to fit the rough terrains off cart golf carts are known for.

  1. 2018 E-Z-GO Freedom RX Electric

Your off road golf cart need not harm the environment and atmosphere. The 2018 E-Z-GO Freedom RX Electric is lifted high enough to withstand some off road pathways while its 6-8 volt battery upgrade lasts long enough for a meaningful ride. Its other major features include contoured seats for maximum comfort and a charger to ensure you’re ready for the next journey. Since this is just an off road golf cart, expect maximum speeds to be at 19.5 mph on level ground. Look out for custom off road golf carts that have 14” wheels and 23” A/T tires so you can use this vehicle for that upcoming camping trip or drive around that nearby outdoor location.

  1. 2017 Star EV Sport H-Series

When it comes to an off road vehicle, you want something that would be able to withstand rough terrains and carry heavy loads. The 2017 Star EV Sport H-Series is capable of doing both with its 5.5 hp advanced DC motor meant for heavy loads. The vehicle itself is capable of 300 lbs cargo load capacity. To ensure complete control as you drive through that tough pathways, the 400 A Curtis programmable controller has regenerative braking. There are eight 6 V batteries to ensure a continuous journey and a battery indicator to keep track of its life. Safety is ensured with two-point seat belts and the standard headlights, brake lights, taillights, and turn signals. Speed is still balanced at its 19.5 mph maximum, but the LSV model lets owners go up to 25 mph.

  1. 2018 E-Z-GO Express S4 Electric

If you need more seating in your off road golf cart, then the 2018 E-Z-GO Express S4 Electric has enough room. It also includes a rear seat that can also be become your own cargo deck if you don’t have additional passengers. Some of its main features include a state of charge meter to track your charge, a front brush guard, and headlights. This model uses six 8V trojan batteries for its power and a DC-DC power converter to make it last longer. The car itself is lifted up four inches and the wheels are terra trac with a 22×11-10 measurement. This model also has a High Output option for those who need increased power and torque. The High Output model also offers more hill clim ability.

  1. Club Car Onward 4 Passenger

Club Car’s Onward 4 Passenger comes in off road golf carts designs suited for vacations and camping. Customers can even design their custom off road golf carts according to their outdoor needs. Club car’s Onward 4 Passenger vacation model comes in blue and beige seats to give you that luxurious feel. The 14” Mercury style wheels can easily withstand the uneven and rough terrains you have to pass through. Storage includes rear cup holders and golf bag holders, plus an overhead Bluetooth sound system for entertainment. For those who often go camping, the Onward 4 Passenger’s Metallic Jade Green model comes with a rear locking trunk, its very own hidden dry storage and cooler compartment, and an overhead storage console for longer trips. A tinted windshield protects you from any sudden elements along the way. Not to be missed are the grill accents on both model types.

  1. 2017 Star EV Diablo 4+2

Star EV’s Diablo is perfect for those after relentless power and strength in their off road golf cart. The vehicle’s AC motor enables it to climb even the toughest terrain. At the same time, safety isn’t compromised with the independent suspension and electronic walk-away braking. The aluminum chassis complement completes the picture to ensure that the Diable is able to handle even the most aggressive journeys.

The Diablo also has a roomy capacity of six persons. Speeds go up to 25 mph for the LSV model. Its loading capacity also goes up to 1,000 lb. Topped off with its steel frame, Diablo owners will definitely enjoy bringing this vehicle out to the great outdoors.