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Even while playing a relaxing activity such as golf, one needs to consider the sport’s impact on the environment. Eco-friendly golf carts are electric golf carts that use renewable energy. The use of electricity makes it a sustainable vehicle that isn’t non-polluting. They also require less upkeep compared to gas golf carts as they use fewer moving parts.

Choosing among the electric golf carts available online can be daunting at first. Among the electric golf carts for sale, one has to sift through used electric golf carts. Those on a budget should first take into consideration the cheap electric golf carts. To help narrow down those choices, we roundup the best electric golf carts in the market. Read on to find out what these environment friendly vehicles have to offer.

  1. 2017 E-Z-GO Freedom RXV

The E-Z-GO RXV Model was among the first electric golf carts to enter the market. As its name promises, all features assure golf players a comfortable and hassle-free journey. This model’s motor brake is locked automatically, compared to the usual golf cart that requires drivers to do so manually. Drivers are assured a smooth and continuous journey as they go between golf putts.

The E-Z-GO Freedom RXV’s parts are also easily available and there are accessories users can include to enhance the experience. It should be noted, however, that its 19 mph speed limit makes it suitable only for the golf course. It cannot go above this speed and is not recommended for use in gated communities and private residential areas.

  1. E-Z-GO 2Five Golf Cart

Do you want an electric golf cart that does more than take you around the green? Imagine driving your vehicle outside of the club and then back to your suburb’s streets. There’s enough room for the groceries picked up before going home, even after you’ve squeezed in the bags used from your cardio and golf sessions for the day. The E-Z-GO® 2Five® provides this luxurious experience, taking you to different locations in your community at 25 mph. The 2Five’s eco-friendly features are also sustainable. Its regenerative braking returns energy into the vehicle, lengthening the cart’s charge for the day. It also uses a zero-emissions 48-volt electric drivetrain. All its components, from the foam’s 100% recycled materials to the repairable seat components that minimize landfill usage, take the environment into consideration before anything else. The 2Five was also manufactured in an ISO 14001-certified facility.

Safety is also ensured with the 2Five’s three-point seat belts, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your toddler or child along. The 2Five also features four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, brake lights and turn signals, on-road radial tires, mirrors, headlights and taillights that will keep you covered as you travel. The vehicle also includes an heater, defroster, and a windshield wiper in case of drives during the fall or rain. It’s almost as if you have a car but without the hassles of gas and the experience only a golf cart can provide.

  1. Garia Via Golf Cart (Street Legal)

Denmark-based golf cart company Garia is considered the luxury vehicle of electric golf carts.

Thus expect the Garia Golf to offer more than the usual standard golf cart features. Some of its more deluxe features include a front hood that opens for additional storage and a golf bag holder that lets your merchandise sit at 45 degrees. You won’t have any problems recognizing your clubs and picking the best one for your next round. You also won’t have to worry about leaving any other valuable items at home.

The driving experience is also made more convenient with its automatic break. This means no need to reset it at every stop, as an electro magnetic parking brake will keep the cart still. When the cart starts moving, the sport suspension system makes the vehicle responsive but there’s enough suspension to keep the journey smooth. In terms of electric charging, the Garia comes with long-lasting Samsung SDI lithium ion batteries.There’s no need to replace your batteries every three to six years. This highly recommended model is also the street legal version for the US, so expect a top speed at 25 mph. Its street driving features make it safe all around and even safer than the standard golf cart.

  1. Garia Monaco

The Garia Monaco takes the standard, street legal Golf Cart to a whole new level. Its speed goes up to 36 mph, which is 10 miles more than the standard 25 mph. Apart from Garia’s usual luxe features of a covered front hood for storage, the Garia Monaco also has an air scoop for additional air flow. Expect an easy and breezy journey as you move one from hole to another. The Monaco is also considered safer compared to the Garia Gold thanks to its self-cancelling turn signals and its very own automotive front windshield.

While the rest of its luxe components make driving on and off the golf course even better, its 36 mph speed feature is specific to Europe. The price could be too steep for the more practical mindset. But those willing to indulge will definitely enjoy all the extra benefits. Golf will truly feel like that luxe experience it’s known for.

  1. Star Electric Vehicle SS 48V

The Star Electric Vehicle SS 48V offers a multitude of beneficial electric golf cart features at a fair price. The vehicle uses 8-6 Volt batteries to make the most of its 48 Volt System, providing the best range among the available 48 Volt Systems. It also has upgrades compared to other electric golf cart brands such as  Club Car and E-Z-Go. The SS 48V’s 400 am controller and 5.5 The HP motor is higher than the usual controller package and standard motor found in other brands. The vehicle also uses a DC setup that many golf carts are familiar with. In terms of speed, the SS 48V can go up 25 mph. Riders and drivers can enjoy all these on comfortable seats that also appear sleek with the rest of the design. Completing SS 48V’s upgrades are its color matching roofs, 12” wheels, plus chrome side rails.

If you want an electric golf cart that has all the top features but at a practical price, the Star Electric Vehicle SS 48V is your best bet. Comfort isn’t sacrificed either despite the lower expense, as every part works hand in hand to give you a pleasing and functional aesthetic.