Find all Tomberlin Low Speed Vehicles.

Tomberlin, is part of the Nordic Group of Companies – a family-owned manufacturing and management business based in in Wisconsin. Nordic’s manufacturing operations extends throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe. Aside from Tomberlin, the company’s portfolio also includes industry leaders Flambeau and Seats Incorporated.

Tomberlin is committed in manufacturing and producing low speed vehicles that are stylish, safe, and superior in quality and performance.

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  • Emerge E2 SE


    The Emerge E2 SE is a one of its kind 2-seater automotive that is fashionably designed as well as ruggedly built. The car has a 17 HP AC drive and regenerative braking motor as well as a powerful 48V system that will make your ride a pleasurable experience. To add to that, the Emerge E2 SE comes with a plethora of accessories that are meant to cater to all of your automobile driving needs.

  • Emerge E2 SS


    The Emerge E2 SS is a stylishly built 2-seater golf car that comes with customised dual-toned high back seating and an elegant e-coated tubular steel frame. Its rack and pinion steering, hydraulic braking system and the A-Arm front suspension add a fun element to your cruising experience. The Emerge E2 SS comes in trendy colours and with a fashionable as well as technologically advanced lighting system. Finally, a powerful motor and electrical system together make it the complete vehicle.

  • Emerge E2 LE


    The Emerge E2 LE is a powerful yet trendy golf car that comes in vibrant colours and stylish interiors with high back seats as well as arm rests. The car has a mighty 17 HP AC motor as well as a 48V battery configuration that caters to all of your energy requirements. The easy manoeuvring and technologically advanced braking and suspension system make every ride in the Emerge E2 LE a fun and enjoyable experience.

  • Emerge E4 LE


    The Emerge E4 LE is a spacious 4-seater golf automobile that comes with a 17 HP AC regenerative braking motor. The car is available in modern trendy colours and is fitted with state-of-the-art technology to enhance your driving experience within or outside the city limits. The many different upgrades that are provide with the Emerge E4 LE prove that style, safety and performance can be put together into one single package

Here at Golf Cars Unlimited, we offer a number of Tomberlin low speed vehicles. Unsure which one to get? Here’s a quick rundown of all the models we have on offer:

  1. Emerge E2 SE: The Emerge E2 SE is a two-seater Tomberlin low speed golf car that is perfect for everyone’s golf and community transport needs. It is fashionably and ruggedly built with its standard 12.23 all aluminum transaxle and e-coated and painted round tubal steel frame. Its powered with a 17HP AC motor, eight 6V battery configuration, and 5kw AC drive 17HP peak regenerative braking motor that will give you a safe and seamless ride on both the golf course or roads. It even comes with the option for matching two passenger rear-facing seats.
  2. Emerge E2 SS: Another option for golfers and gated community drivers is the Emerge E2 SS – a stylish two-seater Tomberlin low speed golf cart that comes with a dual-toned high back seating and elegant e-coated steel frame. This model also features an eight 6V battery configuration, 5kw AC Drive 17HP peak regenerative braking motor, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, and double ended rack n pinion steering. The Emerge E2 SS also offers the option for matching two-passenger rear-facing seats – thereby making it a four-passenger golf cart.
  3. Emerge E2 LE: Tomberlin’s Emerge E2 LE is for those looking for an advanced and fully loaded low speed golf car. One of its key features is a two speed key switch – PTV with a maximum speed of 19.9MPH, or LSV with a maximum speed of 25MPH, making it perfect for a leisurely drive or errand runs. The Emerge E2 LE also has a powerful 17 HP AC motor and 48V battery configuration, thereby providing you a driving range of more than 40 miles on a single charge.
  4. Emerge E4 LE: Those looking for a four-seater golf car that is both trendy and powerful will love the Emerge E4 LE. This low speed golf cart comes with an eight 6V battery configuration, a 5kw AC drive 17HP peak regenerative braking motor, four-wheel hydraulic brakes, and double ended rack n pinion steering. It also features two speed settings: PTV at 19.9MPH and LSV at 25MPH.