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JH Global Services, Inc., a global outsourcing and distribution company whose mission was to seek opportunities and import and distribute products and/or services that were currently in demand in the marketplace started Star EV when they identified an opportunity in the golf and electric vehicle segment. Star EV was initially targeted towards the green movement and aging Baby Boomer generation. To date, Star EV currently offers more than 50 models and products that are in high demand in various industries.

Golf Cars Unlimited can surely provide all your utility golf car solutions, so browse our wide range of low speed vehicles today. Feel free to drop us a line for any inquiries or concerns.

Star EV’s golf cars portfolio includes utility vehicles that are perfect for any task and use. Here’s why you should consider one of Star EV’s utility golf vehicles for your personal or business use:


  1. You need a modern cargo carrier that is perfect for all your industrial and commercial needs. If you need a utility golf car that packs in a powerful engine, efficient battery system, different seating capacities and even different options in carrier capacities, then you should take a peek at Star EV’s H-Series models. It comes in five models: the H-Series 48-2H that can seat two and a cargo load capacity of 300lbs.; the H-Series 48-4H that can seat four and a cargo load capacity of 300lbs.; the H-Series Classic 48-6H that can seat six and a cargo load capacity of 300lbs.; the H-Series Classic 48-2HCX that can seat two, a cargo load capacity of 600lbs., and a customizable carrier that offers the option of a dumping utility box, enclosed shelving box, or flat bed and stake box; and the H-Series Classic 48-4HCX that can seat four and cargo load capacity of 800lbs.
  2. You need a cargo carrier with a number of customizable features. Cargo carriers should be able to fit your hauling needs, so the option to customize a utility golf vehicle would always come in handy. Star EV’s C-Series gives you a number of options, such as the option of adding an aluminum ladder rack, Lester on-board charger, and custom rear box configurations – which can also come in two custom bed lengths to better fit your carrier demands. The C-Series is available in two two-seater models: the C-Series AC48-2-AC-UB-L-D that has a total cargo capacity of 1,100lbs., and the C-Series AC48-2-AC-UB-S-D that has a total cargo capacity of 550lbs. Both models run on a powerful 7HP AC motor, and 8x6V Trojan T-105 batteries.
  3. You need comfortable and technologically advanced industrial cargo carriers with large load and towing capacities. Star EV’s AK Series is your complete, all-in one-package industrial cargo carriers – incorporating a powerful engine, and massive load and towing capacities in a stylish and modern-designed utility golf car. The AK series comes in12 models, so one will surely fit your needs.
  4. You need a utility golf car that can also seat a number of passengers. If you need to transport people and luggage, then Star EV’s Classic HD series is for you. The Classic HD series is designed to be the perfect golf cart – from its stylish and sturdy design and frame, up to its powerful engine and battery system is perfect for you. It comes in three models, all with different passenger and cargo load capacities: the six-seater Classic HD series with 300lbs. cargo load capacity, the two-seater Classic HD Series – HD48-2HCX with 600lbs. cargo load capacity, and the four-seater Classic HD Series – HD48-4HCX with 1,290lbs. cargo load capacity.
  5. You prefer a sporty utility golf vehicle that offers a number of upgrades. Everyone loves upgrades and for those looking for such in a utility golf car would love Star EV’s H-Series Sport series. It comes in three models that all offer upgrades such as: an LSV (NEV) Street legal package, a tipping cargo box mechanism, amber strobe lights, AC system upgrade, 12” or 14” aluminum wheels, roof rack, and extended roof to cover box.
  6. You need a heavy-duty utility golf car. Star EV’s utility golf cars under the U-Series all come with powerful motor, massive cargo capacities, and technologically advanced features, such as a Curtis controller, an auto-drive forward and reverse system, and a hydraulic braking system. The U-Series come in four models: all having two-passenger seating and 2,200lbs. cargo load capacities.
  7. You need a utility golf vehicle that is specifically built for the security and healthcare industries. Star EV offers a number of utility golf vehicles that are built for the requirements of certain industries, such as law enforcement and healthcare. The Classic 48-2-Police, Classic 48-4-Police, AP48-04-Police, AP48-04-D-Police, Diablo 2+2-Police, and Diablo 4+2-Police are all built and designed especially for law enforcement. On the other hand, the Classic 48-2L-Ambulance, AP48-04-Ambulance, U-Series 48U-HA1-Ambulance, and 72U-HA1-Ambulance are medical emergency automobiles that are equipped with the latest technology needed for the provision of emergency health services.
  8. You need to haul and provide refreshments anytime, anywhere. Star EV’s Classic 48-2HCX Beverage Car is the ultimate refreshments stand with its 600 12oz can capacity storage box, six shelf areas, easily changeable billboard, locking drawer, and tinted glazing that can easily lock in cold and freshness.