• Hauler 4X4

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Cushman Hauler 4X4 is a large 4-seater golf automobile that comes with a beastly 22 HP motor and a 3-cylinder diesel engine that allows it to reach an impressive top speed of 25 mph. The car comes equipped with state-of-the-art accessories and features as well as a largo cargo storage unit at the back. The smart and stylish design of the car and its fashionably comfortable interiors will draw envious glances of onlookers every time you go out for a round in the Hauler 4X4.

  • Hauler 800

    BY E-Z-Go

    The Hauler 800 is a 2-seater utility vehicle built by E-Z-GO that comes with a powerful engine and an advance braking and suspension system to give you a comfortable ride to the course. The Hauler 800 is designed keeping in mind space, style, comfort and technology. The customized accessories and features that the cart provides as well the large cargo box at the back to carry your luggage makes the Hauler 800 an excellent utility vehicle to travel in.

  • Hauler Pro

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Hauler Pro is a commercial utility truck built with top-of-the-line technology and comfort, especially for avid golfers. It comes with multiple car accessories and features such as an inductive throttle sensor, a diagnostic indicator as well as a regenerative pedal braking system to provide for a safe and hassle-free drive. The energy requirements are taken care of by its powerful and efficient 72V battery system, giving you an uninterrupted enjoyable experience.

  • M1400


    The M1400 is a small yet sturdy 2-seater automobile that comes with a powerful engine that allows it to tow a mammoth load of 1500 lbs. The modern rugged build has been designed keeping in mind space and comfort as well while the smart and technologically advanced features of the M1400 provide a pleasurable driving experience. You can now also look cool while transporting your cargo around town efficiently.

  • Magellan 2-AC


    The Magellan by Star EV is a compact yet sturdy and powerful golf car that comes with a 6 HP AC motor and a 48V battery system that allows for a 60 mile long ride on just a single charge. The technological specifications aside, the Magellan 2-AC is a built with a modern trendy sense of fashion that combines comfort with panache. A cruise in this posh automobile is sure to make the onlookers visibly jealous.

  • Magellan 2+2 – AC


    The 4-seater Magellan by Star is a golf car with a powerful 6 HP AC motor, a Curtis controller, independent suspension at the front and an advanced braking system that makes the ride comfortable as well as fun. Spacious and plush interiors as well as its bright, vibrant colour options will only add to your golfing experience. As if all these attributes weren’t enough, its eight 6V batteries allow for a 60 mile long ride with only a single charge!

  • Magellan 4-AC


    The Magellan 4-AC is an elegantly designed golf car with a seating capacity of 4 persons. The car is spaciously built and comes with a powerful 7 HP AC motor engine and a 48V battery system. The lights are positioned with finesse while colour matched roof only adds to the grace of the vehicle. The modern and technologically advanced panel and the multiple upgrade options available make sure that the Magellan 4-AC will never go out of fashion.

  • Magellan 4+2 – AC


    The Magellan 4+2-AC is a spacious 6-seater golf car by Star with a powerful engine and a strong yet elegant aluminium chassis. The car comes with upgrade options of black seating and a heater along with glass windshields, with or without vipers. The Magellan comes with a beautiful metallic exterior and has a top speed of around 20 mph, which means you can cruise around the golf course in both, speed as well as style.

  • Moke

    BY ACG

    The Moke is a rugged, sturdy golf automotive that is built quite like a Jeep or a Gypsy. The Moke has a 17.5 HP AC motor that lets you drive around town with authority while its stylish lighting, vibrant colours and design will turn heads wherever you go, be it the golf course or the marketplace. The Moke has plush comfortable interiors and an excellent manoeuvring system that will make you want to keep driving all day long.




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  • Nighthawk 48-2+2


    The Nighthawk 48-2+2 is a four-seater golf cart with a modern sporty look. It has a number of stylish and advanced features such as a Curtis controller with regenerative braking capability and hydraulic drum brakes as well as dual toned seating with customized embroidery, 14” black rims with street radial tires, carbon fibre steering as well as a limited edition numbered badge, all of which make it one of the most sought after golfing carts.

  • Refresher FS2

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Refresher FS2 is a sturdy and stylish golf automobile that comes with a powerful engine and a large storage unit at the back for refreshments. The modern features and accessories of the Refresher FS2 such as its trendy signalling system and stylish colours, as well as matching slate or tweed brown canopy reassure you that golf cars can also be a lot of fun to travel around in.