• 2 Five 2 Passenger

    BY E-Z-GO

    Inspired by get-up-and-go lifestyles, the 2-passenger E-Z-GO® 2Five™ is compact,  with ample space to comfortably seat 2 passengers.

  • 2 Five 4 Passenger

    BY E-Z-GO

    E-Z-GO Freedom RXV

    The 2Five makes getting from school to practice and back home more efficient and more fun. The 4-passenger 2Five™ does family travel in master-planned and gated communities.

  • 39 Roadster

    BY ACG

    The 39 Roadster is a classic vintage styled car built by ACG that comes with a powerful AC motor and a SEVCON controller that allows it cruise with ease even at a top speed of 25 mph. The elegantly designed car has the perfect combination of comfort and luxury with a sturdy aluminium build and technologically advanced features. The 39 Roadster is truly made for the Royal Class.

  • The AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-2TB and AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-2TB-D are industrial grade carrier carts with a modern and sturdy built as well as a 6.8 HP powerful AC motor. The carts come with a Curtis controller and a hydraulic braking system that enhances your driving experience while the spacious and comfortable bucket seats keep you from tiring out at the end of your transportation journey.

  • The AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-BC and AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-BC-D carriers are commercial utility trucks that are spaciously and comfortably built with 2 bucket seats and a huge towing capacity of 4000 lbs. The carriers have a mighty 6.8 HP AC motor and a 48V battery system, accompanied by a Curtis controller and regenerative braking capability to make your transport experience enjoyable as well as extremely comfortable

  • The AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-EB and AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-EB-D are commercial utility trucks that come with a powerful 6.8 HP AC motor and a 48V battery system that allow it to tow loads of up to 4000 lbs with a top speed of around 20 mph. The carriers come with options of two beds sizes as well as optional automotive-grade cab doors and extremely comfortable bucket seats, making your transport ride leisurely as well.

  • The AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-SB and AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-SB-D are commercial utility trucks with comfortable bucket seats and stylish interiors that complement their modern design. The mighty 6.8 HP AC motor provides the trucks with enough power to be able to tow a mammoth load of up to 4000 lbs individually. The large Stake Box provided in the rear as well as a cargo carrying capacity of 800 lbs make the trucks an ideal choice for cargo transportation.

  • The AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-UB and AK-Series AK48-2-LONG-UB-D are commercial utility trucks that have a modern stylish design as well as technologically advanced specifications to cater to all of your cargo transportation needs. The trucks come with a mighty AC motor and a 48V battery system as well as the multiple upgrade options such as the heater, defroster and self-sealing tires which make your journey entirely hassle-free.

  • The AK-Series AK48-2-STD-2TB and AK-Series AK48-2-STD-2TB-D are industrial carts that are sturdily and spaciously built with an amazing towing capability of 4000 lbs due to its powerful 6.8 HP motor. The carriers come with technologically advanced upgrade options such as a 2” towing receiver, AGM batteries and a heavy duty Sunbrella enclosure to ensure that cargo carrying does not become a tedious job.

  • The AK-Series AK48-2-STD-BC and AK-Series AK48-2-STD-BC-D cargo carriers are sturdily built with top-of-the-line technology and a powerful 6.8 HP AC motor. The utility trucks come equipped with a complete entertainment system with a deluxe stereo, CD player and 2 speakers. As if this wasn’t good enough, the carriers have a mammoth towing capacity of 3000 lbs as well as a sufficient capacity to transport your industrial cargo.

  • The AK-Series AK48-2-STD-EB and AK-Series AK48-2-STD-EB-D are 2-seater industrial cargo carriers built by Star EV with a large towing capacity of 3000 lbs. Along with the sturdy design of the two models; the carriers are also trendy with 12” aluminium wheels and an entertainment system with a deluxe stereo and CD player. The cargo box is spaciously built with a capacity of 660 lbs and is enclosed for that extra layer of safety.

  • The AC48-2-Std is a utility vehicle that comes with comfortable seating, modern interiors as well as a stylish sturdy build. It has a powerful 7 HP AC motor and a 48V battery system that allows it a load carrying capacity of 550 pounds as well as an impressive towing capacity of 2000 lbs for its size. The AC48-2-Std has stylish 10” aluminium wheels and is also available in custom colours along with the classy default white.