Diablo 4+2

The Diablo 4+2 is a 6-seater by Star that is extremely stylish as well as powerful, quite like El Diablo himself. The aluminium chassis, side rails and black powder coated stainless steel brush guard give it a smart dashing look while its 5kW AC motor and eight 6V batteries give it enough power to ease through difficult terrain. Front independent suspension and hydraulic disc brakes make the ride as much fun as comfortable, making it truly eligible to be the Devil’s favourite ride.


• Eight 6V (48V) batteries
• 6 passengers
• 5 kW AC motor
• 350 Amp AC Curtis controller
• Aluminum chassis, rear flip seat, and roof uprights
• 12” machined black wheels with 23 x 10.5 x 12 CST tires
• Deluxe fender flares
• 16-to-1 high performance ratio gear
• Black powder-coated stainless steel brush guard, aluminum side rails
• Clay basket
• Retractable seat belts
• Speedometer
• Horn, reverse beep, parking brake
• 12 V voltage reducer for all accessories
• Easy access program/trouble-shooting port under dash
• 19.5 mph top speed (20-25 mph with LSV option)
• Front independent suspension
• Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
• Black seats, aluminum rear flip seat, extended roof
• US-made DPI automatic charger
• Dimensions: 148”L x 53”W x 82”H


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