Classic 48-2 SS Limited

The Classic 48-2 SS Limited is a 2-seater golf vehicle that is truly built to enhance your overall golfing experience. With its stylish design, sturdy build, comfortable seating, powerful 5.5 HP DC motor and efficient 48V battery system, the Classic 48-2 SS Limited is exactly the car that comes to your mind when you think of the perfect golf cart. The numerous technologically advanced features as well as the multiple add-ons available make the Classic 48-2 the golf car to go for!


SS Limited models come with two-tone color complemented Suite Seats, 12” dura chrome wheels, chrome rocker panels, special metallic paint colors, SS badging, glove box, and plush black carpet throughout the cab. SS Limited—
another definition of cool.

• Eight 6 V batteries • Chrome side rails
• 2 passengers • Rear scuff guards
• 5.5 hp Advanced DC motor • 2-tone custom color-matched seats
• 400 A Curtis programmable controller with regenerative braking • 10:1 High speed rear end
• Retractable seat belts • Color-matched molded plastic roof with grab handles
• Curtis battery indicator • Automatic battery charger included
• Foldable tinted windshield • 19.5 mph top speed (20-25 if LSV)
• 12” Dura Chrome wheels • Dimensions: 94”L x 47”W x 72”H
• Easy access program/trouble-shooting port under dash • Lockable glove box
• Carpet for cab and bagwell


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