BN72-11-AC-D-M Wheelchair Accessible

The BN72-11-AC-D-M Wheelchair Accessible is an enclosed shuttle bus built by Star EV with a modern stylish and sturdy design. The bus has door access on all sides and has been built keeping in mind the needs of wheelchair users. It has a passenger capacity of 11 persons along with a wheelchair and a manual aluminium wheelchair accessible ramp. The solar panel upgrade makes the bus one of the most sensibly designed vehicles ever.


• Twelve 6 V (72 V) batteries
• 11 passengers with manual alumi-
num wheelchair accessible ramp
• 9.5 hp AC motor
• Rack and pinion steering
• Automatic drive
• 550 A Curtis controller
• Speedometer
• Windshield wiper with washer
• Automotive windshield (DOT, AS1)
• 2-point seat belts
• Stereo, CD player and PA system
• 30 A, 72 V to 12 V voltage reducer for
all accessories
• Aluminum doors
• Complete chassis rust-proofing treatment
• Head lights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency light switch, horn, reverse alarm
• 19 mph top speed
• Automatic charger included
• Illuminated license plate holder
• Dimensions: 207”L x 61”W x 82”H


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