The BN72-08-AC-Autodrive-M is a modern sophisticated shuttle bus with a carrying capacity of 12 persons. The bus comes with a beastly 10 HP AC motor as well as the capability of power steering and regenerative braking to make your journey an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re transporting your guests or your friends, the automotive tires and the hydraulic braking along with its top speed of 18 mph, all make it the ideal transport automobile.


• Twelve 6 V (72 V) batteries
• 8 passengers
• 10 hp AC motor
• 550 A Curtis controller
• Power steering
• Four-wheel hydraulic brakes
• Speedometer
• Horn, reverse beep, parking brake
• Roof-mounted dome lights
• 167/70-R13 automotive tires
• 13” aluminum wheels
• 20 A, 72 V to 12 V voltage reducer for
all accessories
• Stereo, CD player, and PA system
• Two side view mirrors
• Automatic battery charger included
• 2-point seat belts
• 18 mph top speed
• Dimensions: 146”L x 57”W x 77”H


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