The AP 48-04 is a modern stylish 4-seater automobile that is spaciously designed for extended comfort and leisure. The car comes with a 7 HP AC motor and eight 6V batteries that power it up for a long drive. The AP 48-04 has a technologically advanced hydraulic and regenerative braking system which provides for safe driving even at its top speed of around 20 mph. With the many upgrades available, the car makes for a storehouse of fun and entertainment.


• Eight 6 V (48 V) batteries
• 4 passengers
• 7 hp AC motor
• 450 A Curtis programmable controller
with regenerative braking
• Adjustable side mirrors, rear view
mirror, 2-point seat belts
• Automotive windshield (DOT, AS1)
• Coil over shock front independent
• Four-wheel hydraulic brakes
• Speedometer
• Horn, reverse beep, parking brake
• Deluxe stereo and CD player with two speakers
• Adjustable armrests, adjustable front row backrest
• Rear lockable storage box
• 30 A, 48 V to 12 V voltage reducer for all accessories
• 19.5 mph top speed (20-25 mph with LSV option)
• Dimensions: 122”L x 59”W x 77”H


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