AK-Series AK48-2-STD-UB and AK48-2-STD-UB-D

The AK-Series AK48-2-STD-UB and AK-Series AK48-2-STD-UB-D are industrial cargo carriers with a seating capacity of 2 persons. The compact built might belie their ultra modern specifications but they come with a smooth manoeuvring system and a powerful AC motor that allow them to tow a mammoth 3000 lbs cargo with ease. The transport ride is made extremely comfortable by the regenerative braking capability as well as the posh interiors.


• Eight 6 V (48 V) batteries
• 2 passengers with bucket seats
• 7.0 HP AC Motor
• 450 A (48 V) Curtis programmable
controller with regenerative braking
• Automotive windshield (DOT, AS1) with
windshield wiper
• Battery level indicator
• Towing capacity of 3,000 lbs
• Horn, reverse beeper, parking brake
• 2” towing receiver
• 12” aluminum wheels
• 30 A, 48 V to 12 V voltage reducer for all
• Deluxe stereo and CD player
with two speakers
• Four-wheel hydraulic brakes
• 660 lbs cargo load capacity
• 19.5 mph top speed (20-25 mph with
LSV option)
• Box Dimensions: 48”L x 46.5”W x 10”H
• Dimensions: 122”L x 57”W x 73.6”H
• US-made DPI Automatic charger


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