• AP48-04-Ambulance


    The AP48-04-Ambulance is a medical emergency vehicle designed by Star EV to carry patients comfortably and quickly. The spaciously built automobile has the capacity to carry 4 persons along with a standard stretcher attached. The ambulance has a powerful motor and a Curtis controller with regenerative braking for easy manoeuvrability. It also provides for an aluminium cargo box under the stretcher to keep your medical supplies handy in case of emergencies.

  • The AP48-04-Police and the AP48-04-D-Police are patrolling automobiles built with a sturdy frame and modern stylish looks. The 7 HP AC motor allows them to reach a top speed of around 20 mph while the add-on accessories such as the closable glove boxes, adjustable arm-rests and coil over shock front independent suspension make life a little bit easier for our brave law enforcement officers.

  • The C-Series AC48-2-AC-UB-L-D is a tough yet stylishly built cargo carrier that comes in trendy vibrant colours and a powerful 7 HP AC motor that helps you cruise along with a heavy load of up to 1100 lbs. The car has lockable doors to ensure the safety of your accessories and also comes with option of two bed lengths as per your cargo preferences. The car is truly built to satisfy all of your industrial cargo carrier demands.

  • The C-Series AC48-2-AC-UB-S-D is a modern 2-seater cargo carrier with a 7 HP AC motor and a 48V battery system that allows you to reach top speeds of around 20 mph. The carrier has a sufficiently large cargo capacity of 550 lbs and comes with handy upgrades such as an aluminium ladder rack and a Lester on-board charger. The Curtis Controller and regenerative braking capability provide you with a comfortable and safe ride.

  • Classic 48-2-Police


    The Classic 48-2 Police is a 2-seater patrol vehicle that is designed especially keeping in mind the requirements of the law enforcement officers. The car has a powerful 5.5 HP advanced DC motor and effective ground clearance along with stylish functional front and rear bumpers and 10” aluminium wheels which means that you can look fashionable and fight crime at the same time.

  • Classic 48-2HCX


    The Classic 48-2HCX is an ultra modern vehicle built with technologically advanced specifications in mind. The 2-seater vehicle comes with a powerful motor and battery system, stylish interiors and exteriors as well as an insulated, rust-resistant beverage cart attachment for your travels during those hot sunny summers. The voluminous cargo capacity as well as the comfortable and spacious seating of the Classic 48-2HCX have given luxury an altogether new meaning.

  • The Classic 48-2HCX Beverage Car is a 2-seater refreshments cart that has a storage box with a capacity of more than 600 12 oz cans at the rear along with features such as 6 shelf areas, an easily changeable billboard, a locking drawer as well as tinted glazing which retains the cold. The refreshments cart attachment is rust resistant and the insulated cold storage has 4 locking doors as well as 2 drains which allow the warm water to flow out. The Classic 48-2HCX Beverage car is exactly the car you wish for after an exhausting game of golf.

  • The Classic 48-2L-Ambulance is a medical emergency vehicle that is efficiently built with the latest upgrades and accessories. The ambulance comes with a powerful 5.5 HP advanced DC motor that helps it reach a top speed of around 20 mph so that you can always reach in time to help. The Classic 48-2L-Ambulance is equipped with a basic 74”x20” stretcher to help in times of medical emergencies.

  • Classic 48-4-Police


    The Classic 48-4-Police is a comfortably and spaciously built 4-seater patrol vehicle that is designed for law enforcement officers. The patrol vehicle has a powerful 5.5 HP advanced DC motor and a Curtis controller for easy manoeuvrability even in difficult terrain. The stylish design comes with an extended colour-matched roof and 10” aluminium wheels that allow the patrolling officers to make a fashion statement while they maintain law and order in the community.

  • Classic HD Series


    The Classic HD Series built by Star EV has been designed with the perfect golf automobile in mind. The stylish sturdy design and posh interiors along with a powerful engine, battery system and a passenger capacity of 2, 4 or 6 persons make the Classic HD Series a car that is extremely desirable. The car comes with a cargo capacity of 300 lbs so that you won’t have to leave your luggage behind the next time you travel. Quite the all-rounder indeed!

  • The Classic HD Series – HD 48-2HCX is a modern sophisticated automobile that has a trendy sporty look to it as well. The car comes with a powerful engine and battery system that takes care of your driving needs with ease as well as multiple efficient upgrade options such as a lockable glove box, rust-proof chassis treatment and an all-weather Sunbrella enclosure that let you travel in style while ensuring your safety as well.

  • The Classic HD Series – HD 48-4HCX is a spacious and sturdy 4-seater automobile that comes with a powerful 5.5 HP ADC motor and a top speed of around 20 mph. The car also has a cargo carrying capacity of 800 lbs making it the ideal vehicle when there are too many bags to carry. The Classic HD Series – HD 48-4HCX comes with multiple upgrades such as an AC system, windshield viper as well as an all-weather Sunbrella enclosure to ensure a fun and comfortable trip.