• The U-Series 48U-2-DC-ADS is an industrial grade utility vehicle that is fitted with a mighty engine and an efficient battery system which provides it with an impressive 2200 lbs load carrying capacity. This 2-seater truck is technologically advanced with an automatic transmission system and comes in modern fashionable colours such as safety yellow, orange or white, which means that you will be attracting envious glances wherever you’re transporting your cargo in this stylish carrier.

  • The U-Series 48U-HA1-Ambulance and the 72U-HA1-Ambulance are medical emergency automobiles that are equipped with the latest technology such as a side passenger safety rail, a Wolo AG022 Polie PA system and LED rope lighting to help the medical team with their job. The powerful motor, the Curtis controller and the drive features make sure that the ambulance reaches the required destination well in time.

  • The U-Series 48U-HA1-DC-ADS and 72U-HA1-AC-ADS are 2-seater utility vehicles built by Star EV that come with a 6.7 HP DC motor as well as a 10 HP Ac motor option. The trucks are technologically advanced with a Curtis controller, an auto-drive forward and reverse system as well as a hydraulic braking system for hassle-free driving. The mammoth 2200 lbs load carrying capacity along with a fold-down tail box and a heavy duty bed liner mean that all your cargo worries will be addressed with a single solution.

  • U-Series 72U-2-AC


    The U-Series 72U-2-AC is a mammoth 2-seater utility vehicle built by Star EV that comes with a beastly 10 HP AC motor and an impressive 72V battery system. The truck has an auto-drive system with forward and reverse drive capabilities along with hydraulic brakes that make for a comfortable and easy drive while its multiple upgrade options such as the beacon light and battery fill system add that extra appeal to your transport experience.