• The BN72-08-AC-Autodrive-M is a modern sophisticated shuttle bus with a carrying capacity of 12 persons. The bus comes with a beastly 10 HP AC motor as well as the capability of power steering and regenerative braking to make your journey an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re transporting your guests or your friends, the automotive tires and the hydraulic braking along with its top speed of 18 mph, all make it the ideal transport automobile.

  • The BN72-11-AC-Autodrive-M is a 12-seater shuttle bus with a trendy design that includes stylish 13” aluminium wheels, roof mounted dome lights and power steering along with automotive tires. The bus even comes with multiple upgrade options such as side step plates, Sunbrella enclosure and even solar panels to top it all. Now wherever you go with your troupe, travel in style.

  • The BN72-11-AC-D-M Wheelchair Accessible is an enclosed shuttle bus built by Star EV with a modern stylish and sturdy design. The bus has door access on all sides and has been built keeping in mind the needs of wheelchair users. It has a passenger capacity of 11 persons along with a wheelchair and a manual aluminium wheelchair accessible ramp. The solar panel upgrade makes the bus one of the most sensibly designed vehicles ever.

  • The BN72-11-AC-H Wheelchair Accessible is a shuttle bus that is built keeping in mind style, space and comfort. The bus has a carrying capacity of 11 persons along with extra space for a wheelchair for the differently-abled, sick or elderly. The bus has been built keeping in mind the needs of such people and comes with wheelchair-friendly accessories such as an access ramp and safety locks.

  • The BN72-14-AC-Autodrive-M is a shuttle bus with an ultra modern design and a large carrying capacity of 14 persons. The interiors are spacious with stylish accessories such as roof-mounted dome lights and 2-point seat belts while the powerful 10 HP AC motor, Curtis controller and power steering allow for an extremely smooth ride. Also, the bus has a top speed of around 20 mph just in case you’re in a hurry to reach your destination.

  • BN72-14-AC-D-M


    The BN72-14-AC-D-M is a modern shuttle bus that has been built by Star EV with strength, durability and fashion in mind. The 14-passenger carrier has a powerful 9.5 HP AC motor along with rack and pinion steering, Curtis controller as well as automatic drive capability for easy manoeuvrability. The bus has a top speed of 19 mph, aluminium doors, rust proof chassis as well as stylish signalling panels to provide the complete shuttle experience.

  • BN72-23-AC-ADS-M


    The BN72-23-AC-ADS-M is a huge spaciously built shuttle bus built by Star EV with a mammoth carrying capacity of 23 persons. The bus has a powerful motor and a 72V battery system that allows its trendy stereo and PA system to play without interruption. The fashionably built LED signalling system and 15” steel wheels mean that your entire group will blend in with style and authority wherever you go.

  • Classic 36-2


    The Classic 36-2 is a small yet elegantly styled 2-seater golf automobile that comes with a 4 HP advanced DC motor and a 36V battery system to meet your energy requirements. The Classic 36-2 is available in sporty trendy colours and accessories such as 10” aluminium wheels and also a golf bag holder with a sweater basket that will add that extra zing to your golfing experience

  • The Classic 36-2 SS Limited is a 2-seater golf automobile that is fashionably built and comes with a sturdy aluminium chassis that guarantees safety along with style. The powerful motor provides a top speed of 18 mph while its chrome accessories and plush carpeting give you a feel of sophisticated royal luxury that is anything but archaic. The Classic 36-2 SS Limited is elegance and new-age technology all combined into one.

  • Classic 36-2+2


    The Classic 36-2+2, quite like its name, is a classic golf car that is powerful and modern in its performance and styling. The car has a host of stylish and technologically advanced features along with a mighty engine and efficient battery system. The numerous features of the Classic d36-2+2 allow for a comfortable cruise while its multiple customizable upgrade options are quite like the icing on a cake.

  • The Classic 36-2+2 SS Limited is a posh trendy golf car that comes with a powerful 4 HP advanced DC motor and a Curtis controller with the ability of regenerative braking. The chrome panelling, handy technological upgrades and stylish metallic colours mean that you can cruise around in comfort and style while heads turn around in awe and envy.

  • The Classic 48 2+2 SS Limited golf car has dual color toned interiors and chrome wheels as well as rocker panels which give it an elegant and stylish feel. This Limited Edition model has advanced specifications such as an automatic battery charger and a foldable windshield. The black carpeting through the car will give you a feel of luxury the moment you step in it.