• Freedom TXT 2+2

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Freedom TXT 2+2 is a 4-seater automobile built with an ultra modern design as well as a host of technologically advanced features and accessories to enhance your on-road cruising experience. The vehicle comes with a powerful electric motor with a gas option, rack and pinion steering as well as hydraulic shock absorbers to provide you with a comfortable ride. The weather enclosure, sun canopy and the convertible rear seat are some of the many customizable features that the Freedom TXT 2+2 comes with.

  • Hauler 1200

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Hauler 1200 is an ultra modern carrier vehicle with a seating capacity of 2 persons and a cargo bed with a load carrying capacity of 800 lbs. The cart designed by E-Z-GO comes with smart features and accessories such as a rack and pinion steering and hydraulic shock absorbers as well as stylish and comfortable interiors for a smooth ride to and around the golf course.

  • Hauler 800

    BY E-Z-Go

    The Hauler 800 is a 2-seater utility vehicle built by E-Z-GO that comes with a powerful engine and an advance braking and suspension system to give you a comfortable ride to the course. The Hauler 800 is designed keeping in mind space, style, comfort and technology. The customized accessories and features that the cart provides as well the large cargo box at the back to carry your luggage makes the Hauler 800 an excellent utility vehicle to travel in.

  • Refresher Oasis

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Refresher Oasis is a smart, fashionably and efficiently built automobile that comes with a mighty 7 HP AC motor and 13.5 HP single cylinder air cooled gasoline engine to provide that extra bit of power. The cart has a modern design and trendy as well as technologically advanced features along with an aluminium beverage storage unit at the back that you can depend upon to keep you refreshed after a long tiring game of golf.

  • TechForce

    BY E-Z-GO

    Introducing TechForce. A quick response, dependable service and a no-excuses approach to business—that’s what TechForce is all about.