In this day and age, golf carts aren’t just made for driving around in a golf course anymore.
People have begun discovering its many uses—from getting around your village and local
neighborhood to farmers even using it as a mode of transportation for their daily agricultural
tasks. And because the golf cart is increasingly becoming commercial, adding golf cart
accessories is a smart way to add comfort and functionality to your ride. Thinking of doing the
same thing? We’ve listed down the most popular golf cart accessories that consumers buy and
install below!

  1. Rear and Side View Mirrors
    Golf carts may not be high-speed vehicles, but this doesn’t mean you should scrimp on extra safety measures. Just like our private and public vehicles, rear and side view mirrors are one of the most crucial parts of a car. It will provide you with a better view of your surroundings, especially if there are any other vehicles besides or behind you on the road. Having a periphery of other cars is ultimately important for a safer driving experience, and you’d want to add this to your golf cart too. 
  2. Golf Cart Seat Cover and Blanket
    Seat covers and blankets are not only practical accessories for your golf cart, but they can add that coveted comfort to your golf cart. They offer instant protection from hot, cold, or dirty golf cart seats, while also being low maintenance. The waterproof and weather- resistant ones dominate the market in terms of popularity, as they are easier to clean. No more aching bums while driving! 
  3. Windshield Wipers
    Wouldn’t it be nice to use your golf cart for a drive even when it’s drizzling? Windshields provide the visibility you need when a light rain comes on. Plus, it protects you and the golf cart from getting wet. It comes in different sizes, but the most popular ones cover the whole front of your golf cart. 
  4. Arm Rest with Cup Holders
    Drinking your coffee while you’re driving your golf cart shouldn’t have to be so difficult. Cup holders are essential to any driver. This eliminates any spillages and frees your hands to focus on the steering wheel—the one thing you should be doing anyway. Some accessories just come with an attachable cup holder, but those with an armrest set really deal the deal because of the added comfort to the functionality it brings. 
  5. Golf Cart Headlights
    This handy part of a golf cart comes into play at night. Needless to say, it allows for a safer ride, visibility during low light driving conditions, is durable, and is also weather resistant. If you want to start using your golf cart at any time of the day, you don’t even have to think twice about considering to get this golf cart accessory. 
  6. Golf Cart Covers
    Golf cart covers are used for a more intensive protection against harsher weather, whether summer or winter. Besides keeping it dry, it protects the other parts of your golf carts from getting damaged, like say your golf cart batteries. More than that, having a cover for your golf cart is great for everyday maintenance as well. Using golf cart covers prolongs the life of your golf cart, which is a great thing to hear.

Because of its versatility and rising popularity, purchasing parts and accessories for your golf cart is also easier now. A lot of brands like EZ GO and Classic Accessories carry these golf cart parts for sale, and they’re readily available online too. You can easily search a lot of local brands and visit the ones nearest to you.