A small vehicle designed to carry golfers (and sometimes even assistants) across the fields – these are few simple words to describe a golf vehicle or a golf cart. It eliminates the efforts of long walks and heavy loads, hence a savior for most golf players. Albeit, as time went by, people saw the potential of golf carts outside of the course, and we are not talking about being a toy for rich boys. We are talking about agriculture, industrial, public service and social purposes. Golf carts are compact, reliable, user-friendly, low maintenance and versatile, which means they can do a lot of different jobs. There are even cases wherein golf carts undergo modifications, providing them with stronger engines, thicker tires, additional compartment and better suspension to comply with the demand. The following are some uses for golf carts outside of the course:

  1. Farming

Earlier we mentioned agriculture as one of golf cart’s other uses. Indeed, a golf cart is a cheaper, lighter and smaller alternative to a tractor, assuming you don’t need to load anything heavier than a hay bale of course. Farmers and livestock raisers use golf carts to get around their field, and their most common choice is electric powered since it has zero emission, safe from leaks and quiet as it moves, hence it does not bother livestock.

  1. Hunting

Upon hearing the word hunting, you might visualize a man wearing boots armed with a rifle traversing a lush green forest. However, in more forgiving terrain, hunters enlist the help of golf carts to save energy while they hunt their game. Unlike in farming, hunters prefer gas-powered carts since those types can withstand more extreme punishment and can handle drag better. It is not uncommon to see the captured game being carried on the cart’s back basket.

  1. Police work

In some European countries where streets are narrow, police use these compact, lightweight vehicles to conduct patrol and sometimes even respond to distress. Common sight for golf carts are residential areas and the long hall of subways. In some American universities, campus police patrol the vast land area of the campus using golf carts. They find the carts highly-convenient since it allows them to get from point A to B faster and without overusing their leg muscles, plus the fact that they choose electric powered carts, so they don’t have to spend on gas.

  1. Community stroll

Just as campus police use golf carts to patrol, some schools allow students to rent golf carts to enable them to get places fast and with minimal effort. There are small Island countries and cities wherein golf carts are major forms of transportation and can be rented by tourists. These small communities that rely on golf carts for transportation are called golf cart communities, and they are becoming quite common in Western countries.

  1. Extreme off-road stroll

You just want to spend your weekend on the outdoors and plan to go driving not in the countryside, but on rough roads, well golf carts can be an option as well. These golf carts undergo extensive modification in the body and specifications, to be able to take on extreme conditions like rough roads, uphill traverses and even weather conditions. These carts are designed to run like UTV or utility task vehicles. Given the golf carts many advantages, it is not surprising if people would find varied ways to use it other than transport players across the field. If your career falls to any of the categories that can be served by carts, you may want to consider getting one, to ease your life.