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The global golf market is expected to expand in the following years. As it expands, various modern golf carts made by advanced technology are available in the market to provide consumers the convenience and comfort they’ve always wanted.

Customized golf carts are also a hit nowadays. Manufacturers are offering customization services and continue to release brand new golf cart parts and golf cart accessories in the market.

More and more golf cart owners don’t want to stick with basic features anymore, and maybe you too. So, get that golf cart upgraded with the latest add-ons and golf cart accessories.

The Most Common Golf Cart Parts Purchased

Golf cart parts are commonly changed to provide better safety, comfort, and performance. Here are the following parts people usually look for:

  • Rear view mirror

A rear view mirror lets you see what’s going on behind you.

  • Side mirrors

Just like rear view mirrors, side mirrors are a necessary safety feature.

  • Headlights

State laws often require golf carts to be only used under the daylight. But, if you really need to drive outside at night, headlights are a must.

  • Light kits

Street legal golf carts may need more than just headlights. These usually come with turn signals and brake lights.

  • Tires

Good golf cart tires provide better traction and safety. These can also make your golf cart more stylish.

  • Wheels

If you’re using your golf cart for hunting besides plain driving, make sure to have the correct lifted tire and wheel combination. You can choose from 8-inch up to 14-inch wheels.

  • Steering wheels

Steering wheels can be upgraded to be made with a better material that’s comfortable to hold for hours.

  • Windshields

Windshields are important in blocking direct sunlight blinding the driver and passengers. These also creates an airflow around the cart while running under a hot weather.

  • Seat belts

Make safety your top priority when customizing golf carts into street legal ones. Easy-to-adjust seat or lap belts are a must-have.

  • Golf cart batteries

Golf cart batteries keep your electric golf carts running. If you think yours doesn’t have the power it used to have when it’s bought, it’s time to get an upgrade. Remember to replace the entire battery set as mixing the new with old can damage the batteries.

The Best Golf Cart Accessories You Can Purchase

Investing in golf cart accessories can be a great idea especially if you want your golf cart to look special and functional. They’re not necessary, but can be fun to have.

What are the golf cart accessories worth knowing and having? Read on to find out.

  • Car enclosures

Enclosures are important to have to protect you and passengers from the sun and rain. These are also available in different colors and designs that can give your golf cart added character.

  • Audio system

There are audio systems specially designed for golf carts to bring you music and the latest news while driving. These can serve as a radio, a CD player, or even as a bluetooth speaker good for streaming music from your phone.

  • Horns

Horns are a necessary tool to keep pedestrians and other vehicles safe. They can be placed on the dashboard or even on the floor. They’re also available in different tones and sounds.

  • Misters and heaters

When the hot or cold climate is bothering you, misters and headers are great for keeping you warm (heaters) and cool (misters). These can be set up on your dashboard.

  • Universal Adapter

For the techies, a universal adapter may come in handy to keep your phones, tablets, and other devices charged.

  • Dash Covers

Dash covers can add looks to your interiors. These can also provide additional storage for your items with their locked glove boxes and cup holders.

  • Coolers

When you’re hunting or just roaming around the neighborhood, you’ll want to stay hydrated throughout the day. Keep yourself refreshed with cold beverages stored in your golf cart’s cooler.

  • Fender flares

Installing fender flares can keep the mud off from your clean golf cart and passengers. They also provide an extra oomph to your lifted golf cart’s entire look.

  • Rear seats

Rear seats allow you to carry extra people and gives your cart extra cargo space. Be sure that your golf cart can carry more weight before installing one.

It’s a Long List of Choices

The more popular golf carts become, the more selections of golf cart parts and accessories will be available in the future.

They can provide more protection and comfort. They can dress your cart into something cooler. Whatever you want to have is all up to your taste and budget.

Are you ready to customize your golf cart with some of the mentioned parts and golf cart accessories? What’s in your wish list?


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