Find All Types of Golf Car Models in New Jersey

The automobiles available here have been developed keeping utility and efficiency in mind. The different models caters to a varied audience, be it a patrolling policeman or an avid golfer. While each vehicle has its own unique functionality, optimum standards of quality, safety and comfort have been maintained in all of them. Whether you’re cruising through the vast expanse of a golf course or arriving at an elite party dressed in style, you will never feel out of place again.

Contrary to what some people might think, golf cars are not confined to golf courses anymore these days. It might seem weird initially, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Golf cars are becoming increasingly okay and acceptable to run on certain town roads across the country, plus they are cheaper than regular vehicles, and they have a decent gas mileage with most not even requiring fuel at all and instead runs on electricity charge and batteries – which makes it a perfectly viable transportation option.

These days, golf cars are available in a variety of designs, with a different number of features and functions, so its no wonder that more and more people and companies are using them. Here are a few popular places and applications for golf cars today:

Here at Golf Cars Unlimited, we offer a wide range of golf vehicles fit for every need – from personal use in the community, to commercial and utility use in resorts and campgrounds.

The Utility vehicles have been designed with a key focus on operability and functionality. Right from ambulances and patrol vehicles to heavy duty trucks, each vehicle has been fitted with state-of-the-art modern technology that caters specifically to the requirements of the task.

Golf cars these days are available in utility models. Utility golf cars or utility low speed vehicles are designed and built with a key focus on functionality and operations. There are models that are built for security and patrols – even having the option to include emergency lights and a PA system, which are perfect for law enforcement agencies and groups in gated communities, towns, and even resorts. At the same time, there are also a number of utility low speed vehicles that are perfect for hauling – offering a variety of bed space and towing capacities, which are perfect for businesses. A few other golf car models are even perfect for merchandising and refreshments, with some offering a number of compartments for goods and a working space for servers – which makes it perfect for resorts and clubs. All in all, these utility golf cars are well built and outfitted to perform any task it might be used for.

utility golf vehicles

The Casinos are vehicles that are fashionably designed to provide optimum levels of comfort and luxury. A modern yet vintage look given to the vehicles lets you drive around town with an air of nobility. The modern features and smart accessories fitted in all the vehicles make each of them an awe-inspiring work of art.

Gone are the days when golf cars are not visually appealing and look like – a typical golf cart, which honestly is not the most fashionable thing you can arrive in. These days, golf cars come in different styles and models – from vintage-themed to modern cars, and convertibles to roadsters, making it perfect to use for casinos. Casino-goers would love to drive around in a comfortable and fashionable roadster around the property. Plus, most golf vehicles also offer a number of modern features and smart accessories, which makes it perfect for casino guests.

casino golf cars

Comfortably and spaciously built, the residential type of vehicles comes with a host of modern car accessories to cater to the everyday needs of the owners. The cars are built with powerful engines and battery systems that make cruising through the city lanes seem like a dreamy affair. The automobiles have ultra modern add-ons to give you a feel of leisure and luxury every moment of your drive without compromising on safety or operability.

Aside from golf courses, golf vehicles are becoming more prevalent in gated communities and small towns nationwide – it’s already quite common to see golf vehicles in New Jersey and Florida. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that it is easy to use, offers the same comforts and advantages as a regular vehicle, and yet cheaper to buy and maintain. Golf cars come in a variety of engine and battery options, with some even offering a fuel engine – so homeowners have a lot of options to choose from based on their needs and range preference. Almost all models meet safety standards and come with safety features, making it a perfect family transportation option for short errands within the community. Some models also even have the option to include wheelchair accessibility ramps and locks – making it a viable transportation option for those with accessibility needs.

residential golf cars

The Campground vehicles are specially designed to be driven around rugged terrain with ease. The effective ground clearance, a sturdy build and powerful motors make even climbing up a hill seem like a piece of cake. Camping out with your family just became an altogether new and increasing enjoyable experience!

If golf cars come in stylish and family-friendly models, they also come in rugged and sporty models – perfect for the outdoor terrain of campgrounds. Campgrounds and outdoor resorts are using golf cars that are specially designed to drive around rugged terrain with ease. These golf cars are built with an effective ground clearance, sturdy frame, and powerful motors – making a drive up mountain paths and rough roads a piece of cake. Individuals and families who love the outdoors would surely enjoy driving around in all-terrain and rugged golf cars.

campground golf vehicles