At Golf Cars Unlimited, LLC we promise you the finest quality of golf cars available. We provide international standard services that will help you maintain your vehicle in the best of conditions. Right from providing winter storage for your vehicle to keeping a check on its maintenance and repairs, We care for your vehicles like one would for family.


Winter conditions are one of the harshest and cause the worst wear and tear to your vehicles. Engine freezes, paint scratches and frozen windshields are only a few of the many problems that come along with the cold weather. Although our vehicles are well equipped to counter the cold in the interior, the issue of external protection still demands attention. We provide a spacious parking and storage area for your vehicles along with the promise of maintaining them with the best of care available.


Even cars with the sturdiest of build eventually undergo wear and tear. We realize how much you love and care for your vehicles and hence, we provide you with the finest quality service available along with a regular check on their operability. We make use of the best industrial grade replacements for your car and our engineers expertly service your vehicle to ensure optimum output. What’s more? We do all of this while you sit back and relax!

Why store your Golf Car at Golf Cars Unlimited?

BATTERIES: Batteries need proper maintenance since they are prone to oxidize/sulfurize due to lack of use and not charging. Therefore, we will maintain your batteries for you to get maximum battery life out of your batteries.
STORAGE: We can protect your low speed vehicle by storing it in our storage facility. you no longer need to worry about thefts or winter storms.
MAINTENANCE: Winter is the perfect time to get any repairs/ upgrades done. Our clients have in past added accent lighting,  upgraded tires, upgrading to LED lights,  lift kits,  etc. whilst storing with us.
PICK UP AND RE-DELIVERY: We will pick up your golf car in the fall and redeliver your golf car/LSV whenever you want all clean,  charged,  and ready for another summer season.