Find all E-Z-GO utility vehicles in New Jersey.

E-Z-Go started with two brothers’ belief that they could build a better golf cart than the ones currently in the market, and a cramped one-room machine shop in Georgia. E-Z-Go has since become a world leader in transportation and a leading global manufacturer in golf cars, utility and personal transportation vehicles. The company has built and manufactured thousands of vehicles per year, most of which feature game-changing technology and innovations that aim to improve vehicle efficiency and enhance user experience.


E-Z-Go joined Textron Inc. in the 1960s, and is currently one of the company’s powerful brands along with Cessna, Beechcraft, Hawker, Bell Helicopter, Greenlee, and Jacobsen and Kautex. Textron Specialized Vehicles currently designs and manufactures all E-Z-Go vehicles, along with other commercial and industrial utility vehicles such as Textron Off Road, Arctic Cat, Jacobsen, Dixie Chopper, Cushman and Textron GSE – all of which are recognized leaders in their respective industries.

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  • Express S4

    BY ACG

    The Express S4 is the perfectly built automotive for a golf outing. The car is amply spaced to get your entire golf unit of 4 passengers onboard while the rear seat also has the option of converting into a cargo deck so that you can carry your luggage around with you. The interiors are beautifully designed with comfortable seating and hydraulic shock absorbers which make sure that your ride is a smooth affair. On top of all this, the Express S4 comes with a host of upgrade options, as if it needed any more.

  • Maximize your time and get more out of life. The E-Z-GO Express S4 High Output ensures you’re able to do both. With seating for four and a rear seat that converts to a cargo deck.

  • Express S6

    BY ACG

    The Express S6 is a 6-seater golf vehicle that comes with a powerful engine and a technologically superior driving system that lets you manoeuvre comfortably through rugged terrain just as well as the city roads. The chassis is elegantly constructed with powder-coated tubular steel and stylish as well as spacious interiors that break the myth that space often has to compromise with sophistication.

  • Express L6

    BY ACG

    The Express L6 is a graceful and sturdy 6-seater golf car that comes with a shunt wound motor and a 48V DC electric system that makes your ride extremely smooth and comfortable. The car comes with hydraulic shock absorbers and stylish interiors as well as a host of add-on accessories to prep you up for an exciting adventure with your family or friends.

  • Refresher FS4

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Refresher FS4 built by E-Z-GO is a spacious refreshment automobile with a powerful gasoline engine and easy manoeuvring capability for a smooth ride around the golf course. The cart is smartly designed keeping in mind all the requirements of an avid golfer, with specifications and features such as a mammoth beverage unit at the back, that will make you want to play golf every day of the week just to take a ride in the Refresher FS4.

  • Refresher FS2

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Refresher FS2 is a sturdy and stylish golf automobile that comes with a powerful engine and a large storage unit at the back for refreshments. The modern features and accessories of the Refresher FS2 such as its trendy signalling system and stylish colours, as well as matching slate or tweed brown canopy reassure you that golf cars can also be a lot of fun to travel around in.

  • Hauler Pro

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Hauler Pro is a commercial utility truck built with top-of-the-line technology and comfort, especially for avid golfers. It comes with multiple car accessories and features such as an inductive throttle sensor, a diagnostic indicator as well as a regenerative pedal braking system to provide for a safe and hassle-free drive. The energy requirements are taken care of by its powerful and efficient 72V battery system, giving you an uninterrupted enjoyable experience.

  • Hauler 4X4

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Cushman Hauler 4X4 is a large 4-seater golf automobile that comes with a beastly 22 HP motor and a 3-cylinder diesel engine that allows it to reach an impressive top speed of 25 mph. The car comes equipped with state-of-the-art accessories and features as well as a largo cargo storage unit at the back. The smart and stylish design of the car and its fashionably comfortable interiors will draw envious glances of onlookers every time you go out for a round in the Hauler 4X4.

  • Shuttle 2

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Shuttle 2, quite like its name, is an ultra modern carrier automobile that is fashionably equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art features and accessories. It comes with a powerful 13.5 HP gasoline engine and an excellent braking and suspension system that provides a comfortable ride no matter the terrain. The Shuttle 2 has clean and smart design that efficiently combines comfort with a panache.

  • Shuttle 4

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Shuttle 4 is a commercial utility vehicle with ample space to carry 4 passengers comfortably as well as a large cargo box at the back for the entire luggage that comes along. The Shuttle 4 has a powerful gasoline powered engine and is equipped with modern features and car accessories to make your drive to the golf course a truly enjoyable and comfortable experience.

  • Shuttle 6

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Shuttle 6 built by E-Z-GO has been designed keeping in mind factors such as style, luxury and efficiency. The powerful gasoline engine and the spacious as well as stylish build of the car ensure a pleasant ride to and through the golf course. The Shuttle 6 has a sturdy steel chassis and an excellent braking system that makes sure you’re safe and comfortable no matter the speed you’re cruising at.

  • Shuttle 8

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Shuttle 8 is a mammoth commercial utility automobile that has a powerful engine and spaciously comfortable interiors to carry around 8 passengers with ease. The largo cargo box provided at the back means that the entire luggage can be carried together in a single trip without leaving anything or much behind. The trendy modern features and accessories that the Shuttle 8 is equipped with provide for a truly plush and pleasant drive around town.

Here at Golf Cars Unlimited, we offer a variety of E-Z-Go Utility golf vehicles. Here’s a quick rundown of all the models we currently offer:


  1. The Express: If you are looking for a golf cart that offers ample space, then you can consider the E-Z-Go Express series. The Express series runs on 48-volt DC batteries, and shunt wound motor. The models under this series also have hydraulic shock absorbers in both front and rear, and rear wheel mechanical self-adjusting drum brakes. The Express comes in four models with different seating capacities: the Express S4 that seats four passengers, the Express S4 High Output that seats four and a rear seat that converts to a cargo deck, and the Express S6 and Express L6 that both seat six passengers each.
  2. The Refresher: The Refresher series is perfect for golf clubs as it is a spacious refreshment automobile with a powerful gasoline engine and easy maneuvering capability. This series runs on a 13HP engine and features a canopy and a 5000 series aluminum beverage unit. The refresher comes in two models with different beverage and merchandising capabilities: the Refresher FS4 that has four cold storage cabinets, 21.2 cubic feet merchandising capacity, and 13 square feet of work space; and the Refresher FS2 that has two drawers with a total capacity of 5.6 cubic feet, 14.4 cubic feet of merchandising capacity, and 10 square feet of work space.
  3. The Hauler: If you are looking for a utility golf cart with a hauling capacity, then E-Z-Go’s the Hauler series is for you. It comes in two models: the Hauler Pro, and the Hauler 4×4. The Hauler Pro comes in either gas – which uses a 4-cycle, 24.5 ci (401cc) cylinder engine and 13.5 HP, or electric – which uses a 48V DC shunt wood engine, has six 8V deep cycle batteries, and 3.0 HP. Both gas and electric models of the Hauler have the same specifications such as inductive throttle sensors, diagnostic indicators, regenerative pedal braking systems, and two passenger-seating capacities. Plus, both models have 800 lb. load capacities, 500 lb. bed load capacities, and 720 lb. towing capacities. On the other hand, the Hauler 4×4 is larger – with four passenger seating, and an impressive 22 HP motor and three-cylinder diesel engine that allows it to reach a top speed of 25 mph. This model has a 1,200 lb. vehicle load capacity, 800 lb. bed load capacity, and 1,200 lb. towing capacity.
  4. The Shuttle: The Shuttle is aptly named, as this series is an ultra-modern automobile built to transport people safely and comfortably, thanks to its efficient braking and suspension system. The series features four models, all available in either gas – with a 4-cycle 24.5 ci low emission engine and 13.5 HP, or electric – with a 48V DC engine, 18.1 HP and eight 6V deep cycle batteries. The Shuttle’s four models are: the Shuttle 2 which seats two passengers, the Shuttle 4 which seats four, the Shuttle 6 which seats six, and the Shuttle 8 which seats eight.