E-Z-Go got its start in the industry with a cramped one-room machine shop in Georgia, two brothers, and their belief that they could build a better golf cart than the ones currently available in the market. From these humble beginnings, E-Z-Go has since become a world leader in transportation and a leading global manufacturer of golf cars, utility, and personal transportation vehicles. The company was responsible for the design and production of thousands of vehicles per year, most of which made use of game-changing technology and innovations aimed at improving vehicle efficiency and boosting user experience.


In the 1960s, E-Z-Go joined Textron Inc., and is one of the latter’s powerful brands to-date, alongside Cessna, Beechcraft, Hawker, Bell Helicopter, Greenlee, and Jacobsen and Kautex. Currently, Textron Specialized Vehicles designs and manufactures all E-Z-Go vehicles, along with other commercial and industrial utility vehicles such as Textron Off Road, Arctic Cat, Jacobsen, Dixie Chopper, Cushman and Textron GSE – all of which are recognized leaders in their respective industries.

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  • 2 Five 4 Passenger

    BY E-Z-GO

    E-Z-GO Freedom RXV

    The 2Five makes getting from school to practice and back home more efficient and more fun. The 4-passenger 2Five™ does family travel in master-planned and gated communities.

  • 2 Five 2 Passenger

    BY E-Z-GO

    Inspired by get-up-and-go lifestyles, the 2-passenger E-Z-GO® 2Five™ is compact,  with ample space to comfortably seat 2 passengers.

  • Freedom RXV

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Freedom RXV is a custom utility vehicle that has been built by E-Z-GO, optimizing style, comfort and space. The automobile comes with a powerful AC motor as also with a gas powered option. The Freedom RXV has accessories such as deep cup holders, contoured seats as well as integrated cup, ball and tee holders to provide you with an enriched golfing experience.

  • Freedom TXT

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Freedom TXT is a custom vehicle designed by E-Z-GO that comes with a powerful DC motor as well as with a 13.5 HP gas option. The spaciously built 2-seater has 18” turf tires, stylish signal lighting and ample storage space for all of your load carrying needs. The Freedom TXT comes with accessories such as a sun canopy, locking glove boxes as well as a cooler to help you cruise with comfort.

  • Freedom RXV 2+2

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Freedom RXV 2+2 is a spacious 4-seater automobile that has a modern and technologically advanced design as well as a powerful motor that helps it reach a top speed of around 15 mph. The Freedom RXV 2+2 comes with multiple car accessories and features like a sun canopy, message holder, golf bag attachment and a convertible rear seat, providing absolute comfort all throughout the drive.

  • Freedom TXT 2+2

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Freedom TXT 2+2 is a 4-seater automobile built with an ultra modern design as well as a host of technologically advanced features and accessories to enhance your on-road cruising experience. The vehicle comes with a powerful electric motor with a gas option, rack and pinion steering as well as hydraulic shock absorbers to provide you with a comfortable ride. The weather enclosure, sun canopy and the convertible rear seat are some of the many customizable features that the Freedom TXT 2+2 comes with.

  • Express S4

    BY ACG

    The Express S4 is the perfectly built automotive for a golf outing. The car is amply spaced to get your entire golf unit of 4 passengers onboard while the rear seat also has the option of converting into a cargo deck so that you can carry your luggage around with you. The interiors are beautifully designed with comfortable seating and hydraulic shock absorbers which make sure that your ride is a smooth affair. On top of all this, the Express S4 comes with a host of upgrade options, as if it needed any more.

  • Maximize your time and get more out of life. The E-Z-GO Express S4 High Output ensures you’re able to do both. With seating for four and a rear seat that converts to a cargo deck.

  • Express S6

    BY ACG

    The Express S6 is a 6-seater golf vehicle that comes with a powerful engine and a technologically superior driving system that lets you manoeuvre comfortably through rugged terrain just as well as the city roads. The chassis is elegantly constructed with powder-coated tubular steel and stylish as well as spacious interiors that break the myth that space often has to compromise with sophistication.

  • Express L6

    BY ACG

    The Express L6 is a graceful and sturdy 6-seater golf car that comes with a shunt wound motor and a 48V DC electric system that makes your ride extremely smooth and comfortable. The car comes with hydraulic shock absorbers and stylish interiors as well as a host of add-on accessories to prep you up for an exciting adventure with your family or friends.

  • Fleet TXT

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Fleet TXT by E-Z-GO is a golf car that comes with a powerful engine and stylish interiors to make your golfing experience an extra special one. The cart comes with advanced features and specifications such as customizable TruCourse technology, comfortable and spacious seating, a sun canopy with a unique drip edge as well as an optional USB port. The Fleet TXT is a complete golf cart that you can depend upon every time you go out to play.

  • Refresher Oasis

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Refresher Oasis is a smart, fashionably and efficiently built automobile that comes with a mighty 7 HP AC motor and 13.5 HP single cylinder air cooled gasoline engine to provide that extra bit of power. The cart has a modern design and trendy as well as technologically advanced features along with an aluminium beverage storage unit at the back that you can depend upon to keep you refreshed after a long tiring game of golf.

  • Hauler 1200

    BY E-Z-GO

    The Hauler 1200 is an ultra modern carrier vehicle with a seating capacity of 2 persons and a cargo bed with a load carrying capacity of 800 lbs. The cart designed by E-Z-GO comes with smart features and accessories such as a rack and pinion steering and hydraulic shock absorbers as well as stylish and comfortable interiors for a smooth ride to and around the golf course.

  • Hauler 800

    BY E-Z-Go

    The Hauler 800 is a 2-seater utility vehicle built by E-Z-GO that comes with a powerful engine and an advance braking and suspension system to give you a comfortable ride to the course. The Hauler 800 is designed keeping in mind space, style, comfort and technology. The customized accessories and features that the cart provides as well the large cargo box at the back to carry your luggage makes the Hauler 800 an excellent utility vehicle to travel in.

  • TechForce

    BY E-Z-GO

    Introducing TechForce. A quick response, dependable service and a no-excuses approach to business—that’s what TechForce is all about.

  • Elite Lithium

    BY E-Z-GO

    golf cart

    The Elite Lithium by E-Z-GO is a compact and powerful 2-seater electric golf vehicle that comes with Samsung SDI Lithium technology. These Lithium batteries are extremely energy efficient and require minimum maintenance while consistently delivering on performance. The light and trendy build of the car allows you to travel in style while also contributing your share towards nature with its environment-friendly engine.

  • Fleet RXV

    BY E-Z-GO

    The RXV is a beautifully built 2-seater golf car that comes with a sturdy yet modern design and an elegant epoxy coating that adds to its flair. It has a mighty 4.4 HP motor and an efficient 48V battery system that caters to all of its power and energy requirements. The smooth steering and the hydraulic shock absorbers only add to the overall experience of the RXV.

Golf Cars Unlimited offers a number of E-Z-Go low speed golf cars, although the question is, how do you determine which is the best one for you? Here are a few reasons why E-Z-Go low speed vehicles (LSV) are sure to fit your needs:


  1. You need a reliable mode of transport within your community. If you are looking for a more economical and reliable transportation means aside from a full-blown vehicle, then E-Z-Go’s Passenger series or Fleet RXV is right for you. All these models are perfect for use in master-planned and gated communities and easily supports the get-up-and-go lifestyle. The Passenger series’ two models are powered by a 4.4HP motor and six 8V deep cycle batteries, with the Fleet RXV having a 4.4HP motor and four 12V deep cycle batteries. The models also come with other features such as four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with full-time regenerative braking, three-point seatbelts, headlights, taillights, turn signals, and four-way flashers – making it safe to use as a family transport. You can either opt for the two-seater 2 Five 2 Passenger and Fleet RXV, or the four-seater 2 Five 4 Passenger.
  2. You want a low speed vehicle that runs on gas. If the only thing that is stopping you from getting a LSV is that most LSVs are electric, then you can opt for E-Z-Go’s aptly named Freedom series or the Fleet Txt – these models give you the freedom to choose between an electric or gas engine. All four models of the Freedom series and the Fleet Txt has the option of either running on electric – with a 48V AC motor and four 12V deep cycle batteries, or gas – with a 4-cycle 24.5 cu in (401 cc) low emission motors and single-cylinder OHV with hemispheric combustion chamber valve trains. The Freedom comes in four models and two seating capacity options: the two-passenger Freedom RXV and Freedom TXT, and the four-passenger Freedom RXV 2+2 and Freedom TXT 2+2. On the other hand, the Fleet Txt comes with a two passenger seating capacity.
  3. You need a low speed vehicle that can transport a lot of people and luggage. If you are looking for a low speed golf car that is spacious enough to seat four or more people plus their luggage comfortably, then the E-Z-Go Express series is the best one for your needs. All the Express models are beautifully designed with comfortable seats and hydraulic shock absorbers – ensuring that you will have a smooth ride anywhere. The Express low speed golf carts all run on a 48V DC shunt wound motor, and either six or eight 8 or 6V deep cycle batteries. The Express series also offers two choices of seating capacities, with some models having the option to convert the rear seat into a cargo deck: the Express S4 and Express S4 High Output that both seat four, and the Express S6 and Express L6 that both seat a maximum of six passengers.
  4. You are looking for a low speed golf cart that can provide refreshments. Whether you own a country club or is just an awesome host who ensures that refreshments are provided whenever wherever, you are sure to love the Refresher Oasis. This modern and trendy refreshment cart runs on a powerful 7HP AC motor and 13.5 HP single cylinder air-cooled gasoline engine. You will surely not run out of refreshments with this baby’s 500 capacity beverage bin with four divided compartments, 6.7 cubic feet of merchandising capacity, and 12.1 square feet of workspace.
  5. You need a low speed hauler. Looking for a low speed golf cart hauler? Then look no further than E-Z-Go’s Hauler series. The Hauler is a two-seater golf car that comes with a powerful engine and advanced braking and suspension systems. The Hauler comes in two models: the Hauler 1200 that uses a gas engine and has a bed load capacity of 800lbs. and towing capacity of 1,500lbs. and the Hauler 800 that comes with the option of either a gas or electric engine and has a bed load capacity of 500 lbs. and towing capacity of 720lbs.
  6. You are looking for an energy efficient and low maintenance LSV. If your main considerations for getting a LSV are energy efficiency and quality, then E-Z-Go’s Elite Lithium is right for you. Elite Lithium is a two-seater golf cart that comes with Samsung SDI lithium technology – making it extremely energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  7. A company that can provide quick, dependable service to your LSV is important for you. Of course, who would want bad after-sales service for their vehicles right? With E-Z-Go’s TechForce, you need not worry about your E-Z-Go low speed vehicle’s maintenance. Their largest nationwide network of experienced technicians, industry leading response time, and mobile parts industry are guaranteed to keep your LSV in good running condition.