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The number of golf cart and low-speed vehicle manufacturers has greatly increased. Thanks to the popularity of lithium-ion batteries and the awareness for choosing eco-friendly products to reduce carbon footprint.

More people are appreciating the advantages of owning a street legal golf cart, especially senior citizens. These vehicles can take you to nearby destinations instantly. No need to wait and no need to tire yourself from walking or commuting to your destination.

Golf cart customisation is also getting popular nowadays. If you can customise cars, why not have your own custom golf carts?

Nowadays, it’s not that hard to find golf cart customisation stores and services that will do the job for you. It’s not even rare to find online golf cart customisation tutorials and products that can help you create your dream golf cart.

Why More People Will Like Golf Cart Customisation

Having a custom golf cart isn’t just for luxury. It’s a necessary upgrade that can make your golf cart driving experience better.

Golf cart customisation is also important for those who buy used golf carts. Certain modifications can improve an old unit’s performance like it’s been used for only a few times.

People will more likely prefer to customise their golf carts because they want to make their own to be more convenient and comfortable.

Safety upgrades for children and senior citizens can be installed to make trips more worry-free.

Of course, custom golf carts are great for those who want to be unique. Golf cart customisations can turn simple golf carts into luxury car lookalikes or eye-catching vehicles with the owner’s unique color choice.

Golf Cart Customisation Ideas

What can be customised in a golf cart? A lot! Here are some of the brilliant ideas you can go for to add function, style, performance, and comfort to your golf cart:

  • Luxury seats

For a more comfortable ride, seats can be modified to have bigger cushions with attached headrests and armrests. Seat covers can also be created to have your own choice of design and colors.

  • Speakers

It’s all possible to have bluetooth speakers that can instantly play your favorite music from your phone. Customised golf carts for youngsters would probably have these together with a phone mount attached for music-filled driving time.

  • Street or off-road tires

You can change your wheels depending on the terrain you want to cover. You can also change tire size, color, and texture.

  • Lift kits

If you’re going for larger tires, you’ll need lift kits for that off-road look.

  • Fender flares

Protect your custom golf cart’s interiors from getting dirty when you splash through puddles. Fender flares are attached to the body to serve as a shield.

  • Upgraded speed controllers

Upgrading speed controllers can give your golf cart a quicker acceleration and higher torque.

  • Custom body and cowl

Customising the body and cowl can be everyone’s favorite as they can paint and design a cart according to their taste.

  • Sport decals

If you’re a die-hard fan of a sports team and you want to show the whole world how much you love them, simply add a sport decal to the body.

  • Brush guards

Brush guards don’t only make your custom golf cart look tough, but it also adds protection to the front cowl and headlights.

  • Beverage coolers

On a hot summer day, you’d probably want to have a refreshing drink ready from the side of your vehicle.

Basic Golf Cart Customisation

The ideas mentioned above can give an extra spice to your custom golf cart’s looks and overall quality.

But for those who want to stick with the basics and for those who want to make their used golf carts look brand new, here are some customisation tips for golf carts you can start with.

  • Know your base unit

If you already have a golf cart to customise, that’s your base unit.

  • Choose an engine

Do you want a gas golf cart for more power? Or an electric golf cart for zero emissions?

  • Pick a color for the body

Your own custom golf cart, your own color choice. You know what you want!

  • Pick a seat color

Again, it’s all up to you.

  • Pick a suntop color

For some, a suntop’s color isn’t a big deal. But you can also paint it with your chosen color.

  • Know the wheels you want to use

You can stay with 8-inch wheels or go for bigger ones.

  • Know the accessories you need for a better driving experience

The accessories will depend on the needs of the owner. These accessories can include speakers, enclosures, side mirrors, tinted windshields, USB ports, and more.

Where to Customize?

The easiest places to go to for golf cart customisation are your trusted golf cart manufacturers and sellers. These include known golf cart brands such as Yamaha.

For those who want to DIY, you can easily go to E-Z-Go to shop for parts and accessories.

There are more golf cart customisation stores you’ll find listed online. Before choosing one, be sure that you’ve written down all what needs to be upgraded. Doing this can greatly help you find the one who can turn your dream custom golf cart into reality.


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