Where Can I Customize My Golf Cart?

The number of golf cart and low-speed vehicle manufacturers has greatly increased. Thanks to the popularity of lithium-ion batteries and the awareness for choosing eco-friendly products to reduce carbon footprint. More people are appreciating the advantages of owning a street legal golf cart, especially senior citizens. These vehicles can take you to nearby destinations instantly. [...]

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The Difference between Utility Golf Carts and Campground Golf Carts

New Jersey is one of the major cities that are increasingly injecting golf carts into their major transport networks. Contrary to the notion that economic and sustainable transportation solutions all revolve around one automobile company, the most overlooked, underrated fact is that the humble golf cart is a viable mobility solution beyond city or community [...]

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Top 5 Junior Golf Carts for Kids

When out on a stroll in the mall, in the park, or practically every kid-friendly tourist attraction, children may struggle with moving around places as the family stops from one destination to another. To keep any tantrums from ever happening, consider purchasing or renting a junior golf cart and give little ones a fun, interactive [...]

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Top 5 Two-Seat Golf Carts

Apart from renewed interest from avid golfers, a budding number of people find golf carts to be indispensable. From senior citizens who live in gated communities to working-class folks seeking for convenience and economy while moving around their neighborhoods, people find the economic applications of purchasing golf cars for personal use. It should not come as a [...]

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What are the Types of Golf Cart Batteries?

The power source or battery is the most vital part of an electric golf cart and, as such, having deeper insight regarding the different kinds of batteries makes it equally important as well. For novice users and owners out there, the golf cart battery is like the fuel tank of a conventional automobile. This means [...]

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What Makes Utility Golf Carts and Casino Golf Carts Unique in their Own Way

The electric vehicle has long been mired in the shadows of irrelevance until it began to be considered as a more economical alternative to the toxic, air-contaminating emissions of the combustion engine. Even now as electric propulsion technology is starting to gain its much-needed recognition, people still look to one company notwithstanding that the potential [...]

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4 Things You Should Know About Electric Golf Carts

Today, many inventions that are making our lives more comfortable and brings convenience to our daily schedules. One of the best innovations in the automobile industry is the creation of electric vehicles. An electric golf car is one of the most popular electric vehicles today. It is used for golf courses and also suitable for [...]

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Golf Vehicles and Five Other Uses For Them

A small vehicle designed to carry golfers (and sometimes even assistants) across the fields – these are few simple words to describe a golf vehicle or a golf cart. It eliminates the efforts of long walks and heavy loads, hence a savior for most golf players. Albeit, as time went by, people saw the potential [...]

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