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American Custom Golf Cars or ACG got its start as a small company in 1988. Initially going by the name of IFG, it supplied innovative body modification kits to the automotive specialty market. Ray Hoogengrad then purchased the company and spent the next five years establishing it into the world’s leading component car manufacturing business. Not long after, the company was designing and manufacturing specialty components and even producing
movie cars. Some of their most memorable work can be seen in Batman 1 and 2, Sean Connery’s The Rock, and Dolph Lundgren’s Army of One. ACG, as it is known today, was established in 2000 when the company started a partnership negotiation with famous automobile hot rod designer, Boyd Coddington. This collaboration resulted in the market release of the California Roadster – a hot-rod styled golf cart. At the same time, ACG also produced on
stage electric show cars for rock artists, and custom one-off show cars such as the world’s only Harley Davidson motorcycle limousine, and a Red Bull jet engine fuelled funny car. Today, ACG has an annual sales volume of 2,500 vehicles per year and 81 licensed distributors around the world – including Golf Cars Unlimited.

  • T-Sport Cargo

    BY ACG

    The T-Sport Cargo is a sturdy and spaciously built automobile by ACG that comes with a powerful AC motor and an independent front suspension for a smooth driving experience. The car has a trendy signalling system, a colour matched roof and 12” aluminium wheels along with a with a flip back rear cargo set so that space and style constraints will never again be an issue.

Aside from being used in golf courses and master planned gated communities, golf cars are also becoming a viable transportation option for utility and hauling needs. For this purpose, ACG’s T-Sport Cargo fits perfectly, here’s why:
1. The T-Sport Cargo packs in a powerful motor and battery system. Utility golf carts should have a powerful engine and batteries so it can haul whatever you need to anywhere you need to. ACG’s T-Sport Cargo does not disappoint in this department with its high output 17.5 peak horsepower motor, which is powerful and efficient enough to let you drive at speeds up to 25 miles per hour or even a higher range from the industry average. At the same time, the T-Sport Cargo uses a long-lasting 48-volt system industry leading Traction batteries managed by the SEVCON computerized controller, ensuring a maximum range distance.

2. The T-Sport Cargo offers numerous features and functions. Aside from what is under its hood, the T-Sport Cargo also has a lot to offer for its driver and passengers, including an onboard 12-volt converter that provides you an in-dash power source for your mobile phone, laptop, or any gadget you might need. It also features an automotive style master on/off key, self-diagnostic on screen capability, two locking glove boxes,
two cup holders, bag-well liner or bag holder, and flip back rear cargo seat. Of course, it also includes a cargo box that will come in handy as a utility golf car. Other options you can avail of for the T-Sport Cargo are Sony Xplod AM/FM CD player with speakers, removable dual golf bag holder attachment, golf ball washer, sand and seed dispenser, beverage cooler, storage basket, and car cover.
3. The T-Sport Cargo is safe to use for you and your family. Of course, safety is a top consideration for any vehicle, and the T-Sport Cargo does not disappoint in this end. Its safety features include standard headlights, brake lights, high mounted third brake light, turn signals, horn, a standard 4-wheel braking system that includes front wheel hydraulic disk brakes, and three-point seatbelts certified to FMVSS #209.

4. The T-Sport Cargo can be legally driven on roads. ACG has certified the T-Sport Cargo with the Federal Government (NHTSA/DOT), making it a “neighborhood electric vehicle” or NEV. Hence, the T-Sport Cargo is qualified for street use and may also qualify you for a Federal Income Tax Credit with IRS. The T-Sport Cargo is a high-quality utility golf car. All of ACG’s low-speed golf cars including the T-Sport Cargo are engineered from the ground up, with the best and completely new parts. The units are built from rugged and corrosion-proof steel or
aluminum beams.
5. The T-Sport Cargo offers optimum after-sales service. An exclusive 48-month unlimited mileage Powertrain Warranty covers all 2014 models ACG golf cars, so you are guaranteed of a great after-sales service no matter the mileage in your vehicle.

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