American Custom Golf Cars or ACG got its start in 1988 as a small company called IFG who supplied innovative body modification kits to the automotive specialty market. Ray Hoogenraad purchased the company and then spent the next five years building it up into the world’s leading component car manufacturing business. Before long, the company was designing and manufacturing specialty components, and even producing movie cars. Some of their most memorable work can be seen in Batman 1 and 2, Sean Connery’s The Rock, and Dolf Lundgren’s Army of One.

ACG as it is known today was established in 2000, when it also started a partnership negotiation with famous automobile hot rod designer, Boyd Coddington. This collaboration with Coddington then saw the market release of a hot-rod styled golf cart – the California Roadster. ACG has also produced on stage electric show cars for rock artists, and custom one-off show cars such as the world’s only Harley Davidson motorcycle limousine, and a Red Bull jet engine fuelled funny car.

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  • The California Roadster is a classic vintage style 2-seater automotive by ACG that comes with an extremely powerful 17.5 HP AC motor and six 8V batteries along with a SEVCON controller. This mighty yet elegant machine can reach a top speed of 25 mph and its front hydraulic disc brakes assure you of safety even when you’re breezing through town. The California Roadster is the perfect example of a car that does not compromise on style or luxury while providing the best technology available.

  • No other vehicle says luxury and royalty quite like the California Roadster-Limo does. This spacious 4-seater or 6-seater limousine comes with a potent 17.5 HP AC motor that allows it to reach a top speed of around 25 miles per hour. The car is stylishly designed and engineered with top-end technology which includes a 4-wheel breaking system, including frontal hydraulic disc brakes and an in-dash power source to charge your devices on the go. The California Roadster-Limo truly is a car like no other.

  • 39 Roadster

    BY ACG

    The 39 Roadster is a classic vintage styled car built by ACG that comes with a powerful AC motor and a SEVCON controller that allows it cruise with ease even at a top speed of 25 mph. The elegantly designed car has the perfect combination of comfort and luxury with a sturdy aluminium build and technologically advanced features. The 39 Roadster is truly made for the Royal Class.

  • Moke

    BY ACG

    The Moke is a rugged, sturdy golf automotive that is built quite like a Jeep or a Gypsy. The Moke has a 17.5 HP AC motor that lets you drive around town with authority while its stylish lighting, vibrant colours and design will turn heads wherever you go, be it the golf course or the marketplace. The Moke has plush comfortable interiors and an excellent manoeuvring system that will make you want to keep driving all day long.

  • T-Sport GT

    BY ACG

    The T-Sport GT is a classic modern and sporty automobile that comes with a powerful motor and an efficient 48V battery system. The car is stylishly built and is available in 4 trendy colours as well as a host of accessories and upgrades such as an on-board Delta-Q charger, locking glove boxes, cup holders, colour matched roof and bag holders. The perfect way to drive around in style and comfort!

  • T-Sport LX

    BY ACG

    The T Sport LX is a compact custom utility vehicle that is built with a trendy design and modern features in mind. The powerful AC motor with a peak output of 17.5 HP and the 48V battery system make the driving experience fun and enjoyable. The car has technologically advanced features such as an on-board power source and a trendy LED signalling system to provide you with a package customized for all your driving needs.

  • T-Sport 2

    BY ACG

    The 2-seater sporty custom utility vehicle is built with an ultra modern design as well as a powerful AC motor that allows it to reach top speeds of around 25 mph. Available in 4 classic colours: burgundy, black, silver as well as white, the T-Sport is equipped with numerous accessories such as locking glove boxes, cup holders, colour matched roof and 12” aluminium wheels that add to the overall appeal of the car.

  • T-Sport Cargo

    BY ACG

    The T-Sport Cargo is a sturdy and spaciously built automobile by ACG that comes with a powerful AC motor and an independent front suspension for a smooth driving experience. The car has a trendy signalling system, a colour matched roof and 12” aluminium wheels along with a with a flip back rear cargo set so that space and style constraints will never again be an issue.

  • T-Sport

    BY ACG

    The T-Sport is a small yet sturdy golf car that is spacious enough to seat 4 passengers comfortably. Its powerful 17.5 peak HP AC motor allows it to reach speeds of 25 miles per hour and its SEVCON computerized controller provides easy manoeuvrability, whether you’re driving through the golf course or through the narrow city lanes. The stylish interiors, multiple upgrade options as well as the ruggedly attractive aluminium exterior make the T-Sport difficult to miss even as it cruises past you.

  • T-Sport Limo

    BY ACG

    The T-Sport Limo is a long and spaciously built automotive that comes with a strong, rugged and corrosion-proof aluminium structure as well as fashionably useful car accessories. The Limousine can cruise to a top speed of about 25 miles per hour with its 17.5 HP AC motor and 48 Volt system. The SEVCON controller, its plush interiors and the hydraulic braking system make the experience of driving the T-Sport Limo an unforgettable experience.

To date, ACG has an annual sales volume of 2,500 vehicles per year, and 81 licensed distributors around the world – including Golf Cars Unlimited.


Here are a few reasons why ACG low-speed vehicles could be the right LSV for you:


  1. You love vintage vehicles. ACG low speed golf cars got the vintage-feel down pat with their California Roadster and 39 Roadster models. Fans of Boyd Coddington would love the classic 2-seater California Roadster. For those who enjoy golfing with their family and friends, then the 4 or 6-seater California Roadster – Limo would be a better fit. Both LSVs are extremely powerful with its 17.5HP motor and six 8V batteries – allowing the vehicles to reach around 25 miles per hour seamlessly. Another classic option would be the 39 Roadster that boasts of an aluminum build and technologically advanced features. Plus, the three models’ sleek convertible style is sure to turn heads wherever you go.
  2. Rugged is more your style. ACG also has an option for those who prefer a more rough and well-built look – the Moke. Built like a Jeep or Gypsy, the Moke also has the same powerful 17.5 motor engine under its hood. It offers plush interiors that guarantee comfortable seating for everyone, and an excellent maneuvering system. Plus, the vibrant colors and design, and stylish lighting will surely catch the attention of everyone.
  3. You love the look and feel of golf cars. If the Roadster and Moke are too flashy for your taste, then you should consider the T-Sport series. ACG offers a wide range of low speed golf carts with its T-Sport series – which comes with a powerful motor and an efficient 48V battery system. The models differ based on the seating and cargo capabilities – with the T-Sport Cargo best for hauling with its spacious back, and the T-Sport Limo best for big groups with its long and spacious build that can seat up to six people.
  4. You are looking for a high-quality LSV. ACG’s low speed golf cars are engineered from the ground up, with the best and completely new parts. The units are built from rugged and corrosion-proof steel or aluminum beams.
  5. You want a high-powered LSV. All of ACG’s units have a Hi-output 17.5 peak horsepower AC motor – powerful enough to transport you and your passengers at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. At the same time, the ACG low speed vehicles use a long-lasting 48-volt system to ensure maximum range, plus top Traction AGM batteries that are managed by a SEVCON computerized controller. Plus, you can also charge your gadgets in the LSV as all models feature an on-board 12-volt converter that will provide you with an in-dash power source.
  6. Safety is a priority for you. For added safety, ACG low-speed vehicles are outfitted with standard headlights, brake lights, turn signals, horn, and windshield wipers. ACG also uses a standard 4-wheel brake system that includes front-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.