• H-Series 48-2H


    The H-Series 48-2H is a modern cargo carrier with a seating capacity of 2 persons to cater to all your industrial and commercial needs. The car has an elegant design along with trendy features such as advanced signalling and stylish interiors which mean that you do not need to look archaic while carrying your cargo. A powerful engine and efficient battery system ensure that your cargo will always reach its destination ahead of time.

  • H-Series 48-4H


    The H-Series 48-4H is a modern carrier automobile that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a safe and timely passage for your cargo. The car has ample seating space with a capacity of 4 persons to accompany your precious cargo. Technologically advanced features such as a speed selection switch and a voltage reducer for your accessories mean that your travel need not be an experience devoid of fun and entertainment.

  • The H-Series Classic 36-2H is a complete vehicle for all of your transport needs. It comes with a 4 HP advanced DC motor and 36V battery systems that make the handling of your cargo seem like a piece of cake. The H-Series Classic 36-2H is stylishly built with a modern signalling system and a Curtis controller with regenerative braking to add to your driving experience. To add to all these features, this cargo carrier comes with a large load capacity of 300 lbs

  • The H-Series Classic 48-2HCX is a revolution in the field of cargo carriers. Its ultra modern looks and vibrant colours can be deceiving, but the carrier is no delicate vehicle. The 2-seater vehicle comes with a powerful engine and technologically advanced features that allow it to carry heavy loads with extreme ease. The H-Series Classic 48-2HCX is largely customizable and comes with the option of a dumping utility box, an enclosed shelving box as well as a flat bed or stake box.

  • The H-Series Classic 48-4HCX is a gracefully yet sturdily built carrier with a seating capacity of 4 persons. The stylish and technologically advanced features provide for easy handling of the vehicle as well as the cargo. Apart from a powerful engine and a voluminous cargo capacity, it comes with a multitude of upgrades such as rust-proof chassis treatment, enclosure, extended roof as well as an AC upgrade to enhance your transport experience. Transporting your cargo will never be the same again.

  • The H-Series Classic 48-6H is a carrier automobile designed by Star EV and equipped with modern features to enhance your cargo carrying experience. The car has ample capacity for 6 persons to be seated comfortably as also a wide cargo box to fulfil your cargo volume requirements. Its powerful 5.5 HP advanced DC motor allows it to easily carry heavy loads without compromising on its speed or manoeuvrability. With the H-Series Classic 48-6H, you can now carry your cargo in style and with the ease of your weekend shopping trip.

  • The H-Series Sport 48-2H is a 2-seater car with a modern sporty look to it as well as a powerful 5.5 HP advanced DC motor. The car has stylish interiors along with a sturdy exterior build and trendy LED signalling system. The H-Series Sport 48-2H has a brush guard for enhanced safety along a clay basket at front and a cargo box at the back for all the cargo that you wish to carry with yourself.

  • The H-Series Sport 48-2HCX is a sporty automobile built by Star EV with a passenger capacity of 2 persons as well as a large cargo carrying capacity of 930 lbs. The car has a rugged sturdy design along with a powerful engine and battery system that allows it to cruise through all terrain easily. The H-Series Sport 48-2HCX has numerous upgrade options such as a clay basket and extended roof which add to its appeal as well as usability.

  • The H-Series Sport 48-4H is a spacious comfortable 4-seater automobile built by Star EV that comes with multiple upgrade options and a powerful engine and battery system. The sporty and modern design along with the Curtis controller, 12” steel wheels and regenerative braking capability allow it to manoeuvre through rugged terrain with ease while looking fashionable at the same time.

  • Magellan 2-AC


    The Magellan by Star EV is a compact yet sturdy and powerful golf car that comes with a 6 HP AC motor and a 48V battery system that allows for a 60 mile long ride on just a single charge. The technological specifications aside, the Magellan 2-AC is a built with a modern trendy sense of fashion that combines comfort with panache. A cruise in this posh automobile is sure to make the onlookers visibly jealous.

  • Magellan 2+2 – AC


    The 4-seater Magellan by Star is a golf car with a powerful 6 HP AC motor, a Curtis controller, independent suspension at the front and an advanced braking system that makes the ride comfortable as well as fun. Spacious and plush interiors as well as its bright, vibrant colour options will only add to your golfing experience. As if all these attributes weren’t enough, its eight 6V batteries allow for a 60 mile long ride with only a single charge!

  • Magellan 4-AC


    The Magellan 4-AC is an elegantly designed golf car with a seating capacity of 4 persons. The car is spaciously built and comes with a powerful 7 HP AC motor engine and a 48V battery system. The lights are positioned with finesse while colour matched roof only adds to the grace of the vehicle. The modern and technologically advanced panel and the multiple upgrade options available make sure that the Magellan 4-AC will never go out of fashion.